Tax Information

Student earnings are subject to tax withholding, including Federal Work Study. To ensure that students are taxed in accordance with their wishes, we encourage all students to submit tax withholding forms.

New student employees not in payroll should visit the office of Student Employment Services to complete and submit their tax forms. For your convenience, our office provides both the Federal and Maryland State Tax Withholding forms as well as sample instructions for claiming “exempt” status. To know if you qualify to claim exempt from withholding, please click the appropriate link below.

Students who are already in the university payroll system may submit and update their Maryland and Federal tax withholding exemption(s) directly online using the Employee Self-Service system.

Why must I submit a Maryland State Tax Form? Because your earnings are subject to Maryland state tax due to your local residency while here at school. The only exception to this tax rule is if you reside in another state and commute to and from school on a daily basis.