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Homewood Career Center

Welcome! The Homewood Career Center supports and serves all Krieger and Whiting undergraduates, masters, PhD and postdoc students, regardless of post-graduate plans.

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Explore your Career Interests Figure out how what you like can become your full-time job with these resources

Join a Career Academy Each industry-specific academy has basic timelines to help you find your dream career.

Develop your Skills Find out how to build a resume, write a cover letter, and network to find internship and job opportunities.

Find Internships and Jobs Internships, research or job shadowing opportunities are key to getting a great job post-graduation.

Drop-in Appointment Hours

Career Coaches on Campus

Mondays, 1-3 p.m., Writing Center, Paul Binkley
Tuesdays, 2-4 p.m., Levering Cafe, Lauren Barrett
Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Gilman Atrium, Nadine Goldberg
Thursdays, 11 a.m.-1p.m., Mudd Cafe, Caroline Kelly
Thursdays, 2-4 p.m., Wolman Res Life Office, Andrea Wiseman
Fridays, 10 a..m.-12p.m., Brody Cafe, Tessa McKenzie

Peer Advisors

Daily, 11-3, Garland 389
Tuesday and Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm, Brody


Appointments are open to all students starting in their sophomore year. All appointments can be made on Handshake. You will need to select a Career Academy in your Career Interests section to be matched with the correct coach.

News & Announcements

  • Nonprofit Week: Careers with a Cause

    Any student who wants to make a positive difference in the world is a good match for nonprofit sector jobs. Find out how your passion can be a purpose at Nonprofit Career Week events, Feb. 11-14. Learn from alumni at a Think Tank Panel (Feb. 11), empower yourself at the


  • Internship Week: Feb. 4-7

    Find summer or mini internships, or find funding to make one possible during Internship Week: Feb. 4-7. Meet with 20+ employers offering paid inBaltimore (all industries!), micro-internships with Parker Dewey, or thousands of dollars worth of possible funding for internships and travel to find your position. Most sessions are aimed


  • Intersession Career Labs

    Green icon with Career Lab textDrop by a Career Lab during intersession in Brody 4040 to fine-tune skills to help you find fulfilling internships, experiences and jobs. Each lab is half an hour, and led by our career coaches. Please bring a laptop!


  • From BME+Comp Sci to Silicon Valley

    Bugrahan Cigdemoglu, WSE ’17, had two major goals before coming to JHU. 1) Work in Silicon Valley 2) Immortality. He accomplished his first goal when he was able to turn his summer internship at DNAnexus, a biomedical informatics and data management company in Mountain View, into a full-time offer right


  • Thanksgiving: Community, Connection, and Calling

    It’s critical to personal and professional growth to “find your people”; people who support and challenge you. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the privilege to be one of “your people” and, especially, a champion for our exceptional Nonprofit and Government Academy students. It’s a joy to help talented people realize


  • Life as an Educational Consultant: Matthew Moores ’16

    After graduating with a BA in East Asian Studies (EAS) in 2016, Matthew Moores moved to Beijing to work as an Educational Consultant. Now he’s back in America working as a Senior Educational Consultant for Apolish, one of the largest Chinese educational organizations, which specializes in providing training and consulting


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