Finance academy participants are driven students looking for the opportunity to work on Wall Street, in corporate America, or in multinational corporations to drive local and global economies ethically. Close partnerships with professionals from companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs help students build a strong career platform.

Getting Started in Finance

PDF Document: clickable image to Finance Academy GuideThis guide gives you a basic guideline for what you should do in your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year to be on track for a fulfilling career in finance, investment banking or economics. Finance students should expect a more rigid career path than some of their peers: recruiting is heavily in fall for both internships and jobs, and many students have an internship after their sophomore and/or junior year which leads to a final job offer. The best way to keep up is to attend Finance Academy events and networking sessions when possible, especially Finance Career Week, normally held at the beginning of the fall semester. PDF Document: PDF Document: Download the guide here.

Finance Academy Staff

Caroline Kelly, Career Coach
Alayna Hayes, Employer Engagement Lead

Major Fall 2017 Events

Finance Applications Open: mid-August
Finance Resume Reviews: August 23, 24, 25, 29
Foundational Career Labs: Starting September 6
Superday Virtual Prep: September TBA
Career Week: September 25-28
JHU Fall Career Fair: September 28, O’Connor Recreation Center
Finance Intersession Application due: Nov. 17, 2017

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Academy Week

April 2-6, 2018

More details coming in spring!