Nonprofit & Government

The Nonprofit and Government Academy is for students committed to issues including policy, security, environmental stewardship, and advocacy through employment with the government or domestic/international nonprofits. This academy hosts two separate Career Weeks, and our network includes professionals from the CIA, Teach for America, Center for American Progress, United Way, think tanks, and more, and helps students navigate complex but worthwhile paths to success.

Getting Started in Nonprofit and Government

PDF Document: Nonprofit and government academy guideThis guide gives you a basic guideline for what you should do in your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year to be on track for a fulfilling career in federal or state government, nonprofits, community service, advocacy, think tanks and more. Every student’s career path will be different, and it’s important to realize that students interested in government may want to get involved in their freshman and sophomore years. Students from both sides of this academy will benefit heavily from experience and networking to help get a foot in the door. The best way to keep up is to attend Nonprofit and Government events and employer sessions when possible, especially Career Weeks (two separate events). PDF Document: Download the guide here.

Nonprofit and Government Staff

Tessa McKenzie, Career Coach
Alayna Hayes, Employer Engagement Lead

Major Spring 2018 Events

Foundational Career Labs: Starting Jan. 11
Nonprofit Week: Feb. 12-15, 2018
Think Tank Panel:
Feb. 12
Working in Education Panel with Companies: Feb. 13
Nonprofit Networking Event: Feb. 14
Nonprofit Internship and Career Fair: Feb. 15
Drop-ins with Office of Personnel Management: March 7
More coming soon!

Find and RSVP for events on Handshake by searching “nonprofit” in the Events section.

Who is a Nonprofit and Government Student?

sonak kolarSonak Kolar
A&S ’20
International Studies and Economics

“My primary interests lie in the intersection of the private and public sector, specifically using sustainable and innovative business practices to create a more habitable, equitable earth.”


Nonprofit Academy Week, February 12 – 16, 2018

Nonprofit Career Week flyerThink Tank Panel: Feb. 12
Nonprofit Networking Event:
Feb. 13
Working in Education Panel with Companies:
Feb. 14
Learn from alumni in Public Health: Feb. 15
Nonprofit Internship and Career Fair: Feb. 15

Government Academy Week, October 2 – 6, 2017

October 2, 5:00pm: Exploring Federal Government Careers Panel

Salon C, Charles Commons

Join panelists from:

  • National Institute of Health (NIH)-Byron Williams, Department of Homeland Security
  • Alum Stephanie Talton KSAS ’02, Chief of Staff-Office of Customs and Border Protection
  • Representative from FBI Intern Fellowship Program

for a discussion on what it takes to work for the federal government, inter-agency internship/employment opportunities, and what to expect in regards to the (often dreaded) application/clearance process. Food provided.

October 3, 4:30pm: CIA Simulation Event and Info Session

Salon A, Charles Commons

Come learn about the CIA and see if they are the right organization for you! This will be a great opportunity to both learn about the CIA and participate in an awesome simulation exercise with the Analytic, Clandestine, and Directorate of Operations Hiring Divisions.

The CIA is interested in connecting with students of many majors and fields of study, including but not limited to: science, engineering, economics, foreign languages, mathematics and computer specialist are but a few of the professionals continually in demand.

October 4, 12:00pm: Pathways to a Federal Career with the Partnership for Public Service

Sherwood Room, Levering Hall

Industry experts from the Partnership for Public Service share insights into the Pathways Internship Program, Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF), and their new Cybersecurity Fellowship.

The Pathways Programs and PMF are designed to streamline the hiring process and level the playing field for entry-level/advanced-degree applicants. The main tenet of these programs is the opportunity to be non-competitively converted to a full-time employee after successful completion of the program requirements.

Additionally, the Partnership for Public Service looks forward to launching their Cybersecurity Fellowship (and Hopkins is one of the first schools to hear about it)!

Lunch and learn with us. Desserts provided by the Career Center.

October 5, 12:00pm: Baltimore City Government Panel and Networking Lunch

Salon A, Charles Commons

Want to make a difference in the Baltimore area? Identify local volunteer, internship and employment opportunities to strengthen Baltimore communities (and your resume)! Panel discussion from 12:00-1:00 with networking to follow. Panelists to include:

  • Sarah Buzogany, the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative at the Planning Department
  • Mary Colleen Buettner, City Planner
  • Jana Goins, epidemiologist with Maternal and Child Health at the Health Department

Networking portion will include additional employers and alum of various government organizations.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Social Concern. Lunch to be provided.