As part of our integrated approach to building enduring career readiness in our students, we encourage them to explore and participate in internships as a way to learn networking and job searching skills, and gain deep industry knowledge.

We can help you connect to our students whether you have an established internship program or whether you are looking to build one. To learn more about how to hire Hopkins for your internship programs, read through our employer guidelines and begin to build your brand on campus. If you have specific questions regarding hiring Johns Hopkins students for your internship programs, please contact us at

For Johns Hopkins Parents and Alumni

We encourage parents and alumni to help our students grow their networks and hone their skills by hiring them through our special outreach programs.

Parents Internship Network (PIN)

Through the Parents Internship Network, parents can work with our office either to create a dedicated internship program in your organization for talented Johns Hopkins students or to post existing internship or full-time opportunities through Handshake. Current opportunities in this network are located across the country and internationally, and include employers such as the Wall Street Journal, Honda North America Inc., Intel, and many others!

Alumni Internship Connection (AIC)

Alumni play an integral role in our students’ career success. We encourage alumni across the country to send us internship opportunities within their organizations so that we can share them with students. Internships will be labeled “AIC” so that students can easily recognize the powerful alumni connection.

To learn more about these programs, contact us at