Exploring Internships: Barclays Bank

Headshot of jeremy kaner

Jeremy Kaner, A&S ’18, economics major and entrepreneurship and management minor.

The summer of finance: long hours, short commutes from Greenwich village, smart people, and running out for coffee three times a day in the shadow of NYC skyscrapers. Jeremy Kaner, A&S ’18, summer analyst intern in investment banking at Barclays, is loving every minute of it.

“We all go to Hopkins and are surrounded by extremely intelligent people,” Kaner says. “But the amount of diverse and extremely intelligent people you meet in investment banking is uncanny.”

He’s had the chance to learn from and work elbow-to-elbow with what he says are some of the smartest people he’s ever met. Sometimes that work is formatting databases, but he’s also put together pitchbooks and live-deal materials, assuaged client concerns on the phone, managed relationships, and feels he’s been deeply involved in learning how financial systems work.

During the 10-week internship, Kaner is working long hours and doing difficult work. But he says it’s also been very fun, group-based and collaborative. He usually gets lunch and coffee with colleagues and is building connections (and a friend group), and he feels happy knowing that he has someone at the next desk who will both put in the long hours to get the work done, and join him for a beer afterward to celebrate.

Despite growing up in nearby northern New Jersey, Kaner says his best tool for getting this position was JHU alumni. During the summer after his sophomore year he interned at Deer Pond Capital, and cold-emailed some JHU alumni at Barclays. That led to phone calls, an invitation to meet with the whole Hopkins team in Barclays New York offices, and an eventual Superday interview with the firm. He’s also in the Finance Mentoring Network, where he was paired with Max Islinger, A&S ’10, who works for Melody Capital Partners

“Our alumni finance network is small. But because it’s small, it’s very tight-knit, and if you reach out to them they’re actually willing to go to bat for you,” he says.

Jeremy’s Words of NYC intern advice:

Live near your work.

“Your #1 goal as an intern is to get an offer. Do everything you can to make your superiors happy. In order to do that you’re going to have to have some semblance of a good night’s sleep and want a short commute.”

Take your chance to get inside information.

“People are very willing to answer your questions, and it shows you can do your homework. Maybe ask a question on the person’s background after looking them up on LinkedIn. Know where they came from.”

Know who you are, and show it.

“I’m in a fraternity, work for A-level Capital and am involved with Tamid, and that gave me something that I enjoyed and I could share with people. There are 1,000 kids applying for these positions, so having more than just great grades can set you apart.”

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