Many Opportunities at NSA: Career Fair Spotlight

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The National Security Agency, or NSA, is prevalent in popular culture: it’s come up on Scandal, in the Simpsons, and often pops up in spy thrillers like the ‘90s classic Enemy of the State. But did you know that the NSA is the largest employer of mathematicians in the country, and is headquartered in Fort Meade, half an hour south of Baltimore? This is the largest hiring year ever for the intelligence agency, and they’ll be at the Career Fair (9/28) looking for juniors, seniors and masters candidates for upcoming internships and full-time positions.

The NSA offers 26 internships and co-ops, focusing on cyber security, civil liberties, research, health and wellness, communications and more, and multiple full-times positions for computer science and cyber security (engineering and comp science students), business and finance (math and data science experts), foreign language (writing and language majors), language analysts (poly sci and IS majors), and security and counterintelligence (criminology majors). Working for NSA, which employs almost 50,000 people, gives students the opportunity to move around and change paths within their career. You would be working around the most intelligent people in the world in a convenient location, doing meaningful work to help shape the future.

“You’ll come to NSA for the benefits,” says Caitlin Zohdi, NSA recruitment marketing coordinator, “but you’ll stay for the feeling of accomplishment, for the feeling of providing something for the community and for completing the mission.”

Nsa opportunities for JHU students

NSA benefits are legendary: great time off, insurance and retirement options, plenty of opportunities for continuing your education and learning, and wellness programs like fitness centers, flexible hours, and more. All NSA internships include sick leave and vacation time, competitive pay, and may reimburse students for housing or travel. Second semester freshmen and sophomores can apply for the co-op program, which alternates semesters of full-time work and full-time coursework, and includes vacation days, tuition stipends, and more. The NSA also has offices around the country and partnerships in Australia, the UK and New Zealand, offering students a chance to work abroad. All applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Zodhi says the best way for students to stand out when meeting with NSA staff or applying for jobs is by making sure their resume fits the required standards. Find an interesting position with the NSA before attending the fair, and use the key words from that description to write your resume and craft a quick introduction that shows why you match the position perfectly. “We like a lot of detail. Show your related projects, classes, work experience, volunteering, and tailor it all specifically to the position you’re applying for with keywords that match to stand out,” she says.

The NSA was formed by President Harry S. Truman in 1952 as a unit to decipher coded communications during World War II, though its original date of creation can be traced back to 1917 three weeks after the U.S. declared War on Germany in World War I. The main mission of the NSA is to discover enemies’ secrets, protect U.S. secrets, and protecting the privacy rights of U.S. citizens. s national level intelligence agency apart of the United States Department of Defense responsible for gathering information for foreign intelligence, global monitoring, and data collection.

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