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We’re your hub for connecting with a powerful community of JHU alumni and employers, from Fortune 500s to fast-growing startups. The Career Center is dedicated to providing tools and services that will help you explore your career interests, realize your career goals and build lifelong professional relationships through career-specific communities called Career Academies.

All students should start by downloading Handshake, watching Careers 101, and beginning to explore your career interests. In your first and second year you’ll build resume writing and interviewing skills through foundational labs, and get involved in your Career Academy to build industry knowledge and connections. As you get more involved, you’ll be comfortable with yourself, your goals and your personal pitch by the time you’re ready to apply for internships and jobs.

Get started with some of the key offerings from the JHU Career Center, and explore the subsequent pages and resources as you continue your career journey.


Start by logging into our online career portal Handshake today to RSVP to programs, and find internships and jobs.

Careers 101

Watch Careers 101 to understand the Career Center and our resources, and get basic tutorials on Handshake and Focus 2.

Career Academies

Join a Career Academy by selecting your career interests on your Handshake profile and learn more about ways we are creating career communities to support you!

Foundational Career Labs

Sign up for one of our foundational Career Labs on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking and more. PDF Document: See the full schedule here and RSVP on Handshake.

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