Consulting Academy participants are critical thinkers who help organizations in government, business, and nonprofit sectors solve problems creatively and to affect real change. Engineering, math, economics, international studies students, and more will connect with professionals from companies like Deloitte, The Advisory Board Company, and KPMG.

Getting Started in Consulting

Linked image to consulting academy guide in pdf formThis guide gives you a basic guideline for what you should consider in your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year to be on track for a fulfilling career in consulting, including healthcare consulting, government consulting, financial consulting and more. Consulting students should expect a more rigid career path than some of their peers: recruiting is heavily in fall for both internships and jobs, and many students have an internship after their sophomore and junior year which leads to a final job offer. The best way to keep up is to attend Consulting Academy events and employer sessions when possible, especially Consulting Career Week, normally held at the beginning of the fall semester. PDF Document: Download the guide here.

Consulting Academy Staff

Caroline Kelly, Student Career Development
David Klindienst, Employer Relations

Major Spring 20`19 Events

Feb. 4-7: Accenture on campus
Feb. 11: How to Get into Goldman, McKinsey, Amazon and more
Feb. 20: Apply for first-ever spring break NYC consulting trek
Feb, 28: JHUCC Networking event
March 18-20: Spring Break Consulting Trek
Early August
: Consulting position deadlines begin closing

Find and RSVP for all events on Handshake by searching “consulting” in the events section today.

Who is a Consulting Student?

Maggie Coulson
KSAS ’20
Economics, Applied Mathematics And Statistics minor

Maggie interned at The Cloudburst Group, a small government contracting firm that consults for government agencies.

“Minute 40 of a 50-minute class, you want to kind of zone out. Make sure you’re still zoning in and putting in 100 percent of your effort.”


Charles Ndiaye
KSAS ’19
Molecular & Cellular Biology, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Management minor

Charles interned at Tuscany Strategy Consulting. He is also an associate at A Level Capital, LLC.

“At the end of the internship, I felt like I got to really know the team on a personal level and felt like I was working with friends rather than colleagues. Tuscany has a lax, but refreshingly committed culture.”

Consulting Career Resources

Case Questions Interactive Consulting students in particular need to practice case inerterviews, which use role-playing to test how you would handle potential job situations. You’ll need to access this resource through Handshake to get the password.

Academy Week: September 10-14

September 10
Multi-company Consulting Meet and Greet

September 11
Bain Day

September 12
Deloitte Day

September 13
McKinsey Day

September 14
Accenture Day