JHU Internship Programs

Internships, job shadowing and experiential learning give students the best chance to land a job post-graduation. To help facilitate that process, many JHU departments offer built-in experiences or internship programs that help students get matched with an employer. Explore the opportunities below, and please let us know if you would like your program to be featured on this page.

JHU Internship Programs

Center for Computational Biology Internships Program

Type: paid, computational, 10-week program
Deadline: February

Center for Leadership Education (CLE) Undergraduate Business Internships

Type: for-credit arranged internships
Deadline: early December (spring) and early April (fall and summer)
The CLE offers sponsorship (maximum 1 credit per JHU policy) for around 25 internships per academic year through faculty sponsor Leslie Kendrick. This includes students who already have an internship opportunity and those looking for an internship.

Center for Social Concern Community Impact Internships Program

Type: stipend-supported community-based internships
Deadline: December
The Community Impact Internships Program is a competitive, paid summer internship, that pairs ~50 JHU undergraduate students with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to work on community-identified projects in Baltimore.

Center for Student Success

Type: opportunities and funded experience
Deadline: rotating
For both JUMP and Hop-In, CSS will host events with potential employers who are looking for students from underrepresented backgrounds, as well as a “summer opportunities” event, student panel and provide advice on how to apply for internships during the fall semester. JUMP also funds students out of their budget to work at Centre Sol at Bayview and within the Biophysics Departments over the summer.

FastForwardU Commercialization Academy

Commercialization Academy interns spend about eight hours per week working in this program and are compensated for their time.Undergraduate and master’s students accepted into the Commercialization Academy make a two-year commitment. Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows must discuss this internship with their PI or faculty mentor before making a commitment, which typically lasts one year.

Film and Media Studies Internship Database

Type: Many internships and opportunities
Deadline: rotating
While FMS does not create these internships, their office is a great place for arts students to get guidance and help. This Google doc contains a huge database of possible internships and contacts within film in Baltimore, California, New York, etc.

JHMI Biomedical Careers Initiative

Type: paid, for PhD students
Deadline: By semester
BCI, which operates within the JHMedicine Professional Development and Career Office, partners with area companies and organization who have agreed to host biomedical PhDs as interns. These positions are full-time, during the year, and normally last three months.

JHMI Orthopaedic Surgery Summer Internship Program

Type: shadowing, research
Deadline: Fall
This one-month program is designed for premedical and medical students to increase exposure and gain experience in the field of women’s sports medicine. It will include shadowing opportunities in orthopaedic surgery, clinic and physical therapy, and the completion of a summer research project.

JHMI Summer Internship Program

Type: paid summer internships
Deadline: January/February
The Summer Internship Program (SIP) provides experience in research laboratories to students of diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minority students, students from economically disadvantaged and underserved backgrounds and students with disabilities that have completed one – two or more years of college. The program runs ten weeks and a minimum stipend of $3,000 is provided, and multiple types of research are possible.

RISE@APL Research Internships in Science and Engineering

Type: unpaid, research
Deadline: December
Open to highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students from the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. RISE@APL gives these students the opportunity to conduct research at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, working on APL-sponsored projects. Scholars work on specific projects in APL Mission Areas and in the past, these areas have included ballistic missile systems, prosthetics, computer vision, and secure mobile communications.

Social Policy Minor Internships

Includes: for-credit, social policy internships provided through program
Deadline: dependent on social policy minor declaration
For this minor, students must participate in either the Baltimore or Washington DC Policy Fellowships. These are intensive one-semester experiences, usually taken during the spring semester of one’s junior year. Students take a set of five courses in Baltimore designed for the minor and open only to them.

Funding Opportunities

Goodyear Public Health Service in Baltimore Award

Type: $3,000 stipend for already-secured public health internship in Baltimore
Deadline: spring
Applicants must have already secured a summer public health internship to be considered for the award. An application essay, describing the scope of the internship and its relevance to career development, current academics, and future goals is required.

Robins Internship Grant

Type: $5,000 stipend
Deadline: TBD
Through the generosity of alumnus Charles Robins, Johns Hopkins University offers funding for selected students to gain business-related or economic development-related experience through summer internships in East, Southeast, or South Asia. The experience can be in private industry, or it can be in a government or nonprofit setting as long as the position is focused on business/economic development, finance, accounting, marketing, or management.

Second Decade Society Summer Internship Grants

Type: $3,000 funding for KSAS students
Deadline: March
Thanks to the philanthropy of the Second Decade Society, several grants are available to Hopkins students who take summer internships. Internships must be unpaid or sponsored by a nonprofit. Grant funding is specifically intended to support living and travel expenses incurred by participation in the internship. Internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks.

Second Year Experience (SYE) Project Grant

Type: Career Exploration and Affirmation funding
Deadline: not set
Within SYE, students can also apply to an SYE Project Grant that can be used for “Career Exploration & Affirmation,” which often goes towards funding an internship.

STAR Summer Training and Research

Includes: $4,000, 10-week summer research at JHU
Deadline: February
STAR offers Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students $4000 to help offset the expense of staying at JHU over the summer to start or continue work with a Hopkins faculty member or lab in any division, department or program at Johns Hopkins. This is not for students working in internships outside of the JHU community.

Vrendenburg Travel Fund

Includes: Funding for travel and experiential education
Deadline: February
The Vredenburg Travel Fund allows outstanding engineering students at Johns Hopkins the opportunity to apply their engineering, technology, and applied science skills and training in an international setting.

Weisman Internship Fund

Type: Funding for international students majors
Deadline: April 1 (summer/fall internships), December 1 (spring internships)
The Weisman Internship Fund is an endowment designated for students in the International Studies Program participating in internship experiences. Funding for internship-related expenses is awarded based on submitted proposals summarizing a position that the student has already accepted.