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Seniors Accept New Peace Corps Placements

peace corps invitation to serve

Stefanie Hernandez, a senior public health major, recently accepted a Peace Corps post as a public health educator, starting in rural Peru this September. The position was highly competitive, and she was up against a pool of experienced adults as well as graduating seniors. Hernandez applied to serve because of her

One Great Intern: Sonak Kolar, Feed the Children

Sonak Kolar on the steps of the Capitol

Hiring a JHU student intern was a great decision for alumnus Andrew McNamee, MA ’12, and his colleagues at Feed the Children. Sonak Kolar, a sophomore majoring in international studies and economics, spent summer 2017 at Feed the Children as a government and international relations intern, where he was so

Nonprofit Week: Learn about Think Tanks, Community Orgs and Find Internships

Nonprofit Career Week flyer

If you’re passionate about social change and political movements, don’t miss Nonprofit Career Week: Feb. 12-15. Meet with alumni working for think tanks with various viewpoints, network with local and national nonprofits hiring interns, find out how to work in education without teaching, and connect at the Nonprofit Internship and

Federal Internships, Local Work at Government Week

poster of government career week events

Getting and internship or a job in federal or local government can seem daunting. Government Career Week focuses on bringing alumni and recruiters to campus who will help you find the right opportunities within government agencies and offices, how to apply for them, and make the most of them. Join

Many Opportunities at NSA: Career Fair Spotlight

NSA website

The National Security Agency, or NSA, is prevalent in popular culture: it’s come up on Scandal, in the Simpsons, and often pops up in spy thrillers like the ‘90s classic Enemy of the State. But did you know that the NSA is the largest employer of mathematicians in the country,

Exploring Internships: U.S. Embassy in Rome

Caroline Lupertini with U.S. Embassy staff at Rome's Gay Pride march

Caroline Lupetini, A&S’19, (bottom center) is a Public Affairs Intern with the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy, which hosted Pride events this summer. She is an international studies major and will enter the SAIS 5-year BA/MA in 2018. Landing an internship with the U.S. Department of State I knew that