CHEW Texting

CHEW has a new, easy way for students to get relevant health information. All you have to do is text “CHEW” to 410-376-8730 to enroll! In addition to learning about events on-campus and topics that are relevant to you, each week there will be a $10 Chipotle give card drawing.

JHU CHEW Texting Service Policy

  1. Participation in the CHEW texting service is completely optional.
  2. You can unsubscribe at any point by texting “STOP” to 410-376-8730.
  3. CHEW will never sell or provide any personal information to outside companies. CHEW will not share your personal information with other offices within the University unless it is deemed necessary for your and/or another person’s personal safety.
  4. You may receive targeted messages based upon your responses.
  5. The CHEW texting service is unmonitored. If you would like to talk to a CHEW staff member, please call the main CHEW number (410-516-8396). If it is an emergency, please call JHU Security at 410-516-7777 or 911.
  6. Although unmonitored, the CHEW texting service is run by JHU staff members. All JHU CHEW staff members are non-confidential and must abide by certain policies and rules as Responsible Employees. As Responsible Employees, if any sexual misconduct is revealed through the CHEW texting service, it must be reported to the University’s Title IX Coordinator. A full list of confidential resources is available here (Appendix B). Additionally, the SARU hotline (410-516-7887), which is run by students is another resource.
  7. The texting service is designed for current JHU students.