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Stressbusters is an incredibly fun and far-reaching community wellness program. It continuously trains and dispatches volunteer teams of students to provide free five-minute backrubs and health information to other students and staff at campus events, residence halls, organization meetings, libraries and wherever else the stressed gather. Stressbusters are community service volunteers working to promote health and wellness on campus.

Bring the Stressbusters to Your Next Event

Schedule a Stressbusters session at your next event, program, meeting or special occasion!

Why Host a Stressbusters Event?

  • To reduce stress in your organization, office, or residence hall
  • To show appreciation for staff or students
  • To have a fun, stress-free program for your organization
  • To become very popular!

Before You Request an Event

Please complete all fields on the event request form and press “submit” when you are finished. We will respond to your request within approximately one week of your electronic submission. We will make our best effort to honor your Stressbusters event request. Our ability to do so depends on the availability of our volunteer student Stressbusters.

Event Host Responsibilities/Event Requirements


Stressbusters events can be held in quiet locations such as lounges and conference rooms, or in higher-traffic areas including lobbies and walkways. Wherever you would like to locate your event, there must be enough room for several Stressbusters to move around, and for their Stressbustees to have space to enjoy their back rubs in relative peace. You will also need a designated waiting area that is far enough away from Stressbustee chairs to avoid distracting Stressbusters and those receiving back rubs. Additionally, a secure space for Stressbusters’ belongings will be needed.

Chairs and Table

You are responsible for providing standard stationery or folding chairs with firm back support; the number of chairs that you will need will be determined by the Stressbusters program coordinators. You will also need to provide a table or countertop for event-related materials and wellness information.


You will need to provide a staff person or volunteer to greet backrub recipients, manage the waiting area, call next backrub recipients, provide handouts, etc., if asked to do so by the Stressbusters program or a Stressbusters Event Captain.

Event Promotion

Event hosts are responsible for promoting an event to their constituents. The Stressbusters program can provide event promotion assistance.


Event hosts are responsible for event clean up and breakdown of any materials or equipment not brought to the event by Stressbusters.


Not a thing! It’s free of charge!

Request an Event

To request a Stressbusters event, please complete the event request form.

Become a JHU Stressbuster

Why should you become a Stressbuster? For all the great benefits!

  • Learn effective backrub and other stress reduction techniques
  • Meet and team with other students committed to helping people be healthier
  • Participate according to your schedule and location
  • Get experience working on a high-profile health promotion initiative to put on your resume
  • Be a sought after source of health information
  • Provide a valuable and wildly appreciated community service
  • Make a huge difference in someone’s day
  • Have a good time, make friends and relax

How do I get Started?

The requirements are stress-free, the training is for life, and the popularity is instantaneous!

  • Fill out the quick Stressbusters application.
  • Attend a Stressbusters training session to learn and practice basic backrub techniques
  • Find out about JHU wellness resources so you can be an info source at Stressbusters events
  • Participate in four or more campus Stressbusters events over a semester (a commitment of approximately 4 hours)