Student Involvement

Events Advisory Team (EAT)

The Events Advisory Team programming committee works with our dining staff to bring events to life in the dining facilities. Our events follow the Blue Jay community development and programming models helping fellow Blue Jays develop a sense of unity and camaraderie among active, passive and co-sponsored programs. These programs and events look at different areas of development and learning outside of the classroom through social, educational, community building and fun engagement activities.

Events throughout the year include but are not limited to:

  • National Food Holidays
  • Dining Cooking Series
  • Fresh Food Cafe Cultural Nights

We love working with our fellow Blue Jays, if you are interested in joining our committee to plan events, reach out to us through email at or by texting us at 410-941-2272.

Student Group Partnership

We love to partner with Blue Jay organizations on-campus, whether it is a themed night in the Fresh Food Cafe or Nolan’s or additional items needed for an on-campus event.

Table Talkers in the Dining Locations

Student groups can advertise events and meetings right in our dining facilities. Advertise on the tables with our easy-to-make table talkers. Table talker request forms need to be submitted and approved before you can advertise.

Beverage Cambro Rentals

Whether you are using hot or cold beverages, our cambros are great for your event or fundraiser. ). These are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis by advance reservations only. We require groups to pick-up and return these during our office hours Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM and the units need to be cleaned prior to being returned. Failure to bring these back timely or clean will result in the loss of future rental privileges. Please reach out to us for availability and reservations by email at

*Groups/organizations must provide their own beverages as well as hot or cold water, this rental is only for the cambro units.

Pepsi Beverage Donations

Is your student organization having an event with other Blue Jays on campus? Do you need soda or water? You can apply to have these beverages donated for your group. Please fill out the request form below, requests need to be submitted three weeks or more prior to your event.

JHU Pepsi Beverage Donation Request Form
The amount of each kind of beverage will be determined for your group based on the remaining donation budget and the number of people attending your event. Hopkins Dining reserves the right to the final decision on the amount donated and type of donation but will take your requests into consideration.

You will receive a confirmation email either your request has been approved or not. If your request is approved you will receive more information on pick-up in that email. The Office of Dining Programs reserves the right to refuse a request if it is deemed not appropriate for a donation.

Compostable Supply Order

Is your student group, organization or department having an event and in need of compostable plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, bowls, etc. to make your event green? You can purchase these supplies through Hopkins Dining and Dining will charge your areas cost center/fund number for you and have your supplies ready to be picked up for your event.

JHU Compostable Supplies Request Form
*Package size is predetermined, so your number will be rounded up depending on the sizes below.
The type of and number of items depends what we have in stock, depending on the item we might be able to reorder in time for your event. This depends on the usage and frequency of requests for these items.
Your cost center will not be charged until final confirmation of the order has occurred and you have seen pricing.

Orders will not be placed before we confirm pricing with your group. Please give enough time before your event for the ordering process.