Event Spaces

Due to COVID-19 and public health guidance, the university is not permitting any in-person events or gatherings to be held on campus for the 2020 fall semester. As we prepare for the next phase and reopening, not knowing when that may be, we are making sure all spaces will be setup socially distanced. This however means all space capacities will be significantly smaller than normal. Due to sanitation and touch points, we will prepare all meeting spaces to be set with fixed set-ups and will not be changed throughout the day. Rooms will be used as is and furniture may not be moved. Everyone must follow whatever university guidelines are in place at the time we do begin allowing gatherings and events.

In an effort to help you think ahead about spaces and how they are setup or look differently with new socially distanced capacities, we are providing some basic examples below. Please know some of our larger spaces may be needed for academic courses based on what the demands and volume are when we do open for in-person courses and events.

Please see the list of the rooms below and the possible fixed set-ups with the new capacities which will more than likely be in place when we open and permit gatherings and events.

Salon A - fixed seating hollow square12
Salon B - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks19
Salon C - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks29
Barber - fixed seating classroom tables/chairs10
East Room - fixed seating lecture15
MPR - fixed seating classroom table/chairs10
PDR - fixed seating hollow square8
Arellano - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks34
Glass Pav - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks52
Great Hall - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks33
Conference Room A - fixed seating8
Shriver Boardroom - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks15
200 Clipper - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks25
Shriver Auditorium - fixed seating95
101 - fixed seating classroom tablet arm desks28
160 - fixed seating classroom tables and chairs9
161 - fixed seating classroom tables and chairs6
162 - fixed seating classroom tables and chairs8
Mason Board room - fixed seating12
Mason Auditorium - fixed seating lecture22



Outdoor Spaces

Although an urban campus, we have a very authentic rural atmosphere with plenty of luscious green spaces for outdoor events and programming.

Please review the campus grounds policies before planning an outdoor event.

General Pool Classrooms

Other than when classes are in session, general pool classrooms may be requested and used for meetings, speakers, lectures, and other programming needs of an academic nature. Classrooms are requested through the on-line site, but are scheduled and confirmed through the Office of the Registrar.

Meeting Rooms

The University is steeped in history and tradition while offering the very latest in meeting technology and services. Our meeting spaces range from small intimate groups of 10 to 1,000-person auditorium seating. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate facilities for groups who use our campus, and to ensure services provided by our departments are top quality. State of the art facilities, technology, and services are available for your perfect meeting venue.