COVID 19: Housing FAQs

What will happen if I am still on-campus with a housing exception?

Those students with approved housing exceptions should continue to live within the residence halls as instructed. Information regarding the move-out process will be shared as soon as details are finalized.

Will my things be secure?

Yes. Student rooms are locked and secured. University personnel will continue to uphold the health and safety of our residence halls by monitoring room conditions and continuing routine housekeeping and maintenance operations.

When will I be able to pick everything up?

At this time, we are developing a move-out process for when students are able to return to the residence halls and apartments to collect their belongings. The timeline for this will be based around public health guidance for when students are able to safely return to campus.

What if I can’t come back to campus to get my things?

If returning to campus to retrieve your personal belongings when social distancing regulations are lifted presents a hardship (for example, you are an international student or have a financial hardship), please contact the housing office at We will arrange to store your items until the start of the fall semester.

What if I need to retrieve something now?

At this time, no one will be allowed back into the buildings unless they have a housing exception. If there is a critical item (e.g., medication), please contact the housing office at to discuss retrieval options.

Once housing re-opens, am I able to stay in my apartment if I have an 11-month lease?

At this time, we are developing a plan for when social distancing regulations are lifted. Students occupying their apartments beyond collecting their belonging will be determined by public health guidance.

What should I do about my mail?

All first-class mail will be forwarded to residents’ permanent address. All packages received to this point will be returned to sender and you will receive an email informing you of that. Please cancel any recent orders or have them redirected to your current address. Moving forward, all packages received will be returned upon arrival. If you have any questions regarding your packages please contact us at

What do I do about housing selection for the next academic year?

We have postponed the housing selection process for the next academic year for further notice.