COVID 19: Housing FAQs

We look forward to welcoming undergraduate students who are granted exceptions to live in on-campus housing through the Resource Support Application. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

What happens to the previous housing contract recently signed?

Your housing contract will be canceled by the university and no charges will be posted to your account.

How long are students granted an exception allowed to live in on-campus housing?

First-and-second year students will sign a housing contract for both the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semester; third-and-fourth year students will sign Fall 2020-only housing contracts.

Will students be able to preference buildings or other students to live with?

Unfortunately, because of the tight timeline, we cannot accommodate requests at this time. However, as rooms become available, we will work with students.

When will I find out my housing assignment?

Students should expect to receive their room assignment on or before August 21.

If approved for a housing exception, when will I move in?

Move in will take place on Saturday, August 29th. More information will be provided when housing assignments are sent as soon as the housing assignments process concludes on August 21.

What are the expectations for how I will practice healthy behaviors to mitigate COVID-19 transmission in the residence halls?

Expectations are detailed in the PDF Document: addendum to the PDF Document: housing contract including testing, physical distancing, wearing face coverings, and more. All students must agree to adhere to those expectations in order to live in on-campus housing.

Will students be screened before entering the residence halls?

Plans are still being developed based on public health guidelines to offer screening and/or testing to students when they arrive to move in. More details to follow.

Will I be able to have guests?

Residents will not be allowed to have guests in their assigned housing space. Students will only be permitted to access their own residential building and assigned space and will not be permitted to access other residential buildings. Students are also not permitted to provide access to JHU buildings to anyone else.

Will I be able to leave campus for the weekend or vacations (Thanksgiving Break)?

The University encourages residents to limit travel to the immediate, Baltimore area only, and to minimize close contact with others when utilizing public transportation or ride sharing services. Any students who decide to return home for Thanksgiving break will not be allowed to return to campus until the spring semester.

Which dining facilities will be open on-campus?

Nolan’s will be open each day and offer to-go options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snack and breakfast items will also be available for students to take with them.

What happens when someone tests positive or needs to quarantine?

Students may be required to self-quarantine or to self-isolate in an alternative University housing location that will be provided by the University. In those situations, students will be required to remain in alternative University housing until cleared by medical personnel from the Student Health and Wellness Center. Temporary housing assignments to isolate or quarantine do not replace a student’s housing assignment.

What if I am traveling from a location that the state of Maryland requires me to quarantine upon arrival?

Depending on your housing assignment, you may be able to quarantine in your assigned room. If not, you will temporarily move into a designated quarantine space with meals provided.

What will happen to my belongings that are stored since we are not returning to campus?

The university will continue to store your belongings until a return to campus is permitted. For those in Baltimore, please email and the Housing team will work with you on a case-by-case basis to retrieve your belongings.

If approved for a housing exception, what should I bring with me?

We encourage students to pack lightly. You may also ship belongings to an address that will be provided with your room assignment. More specific information will be posted on the Housing website.

What if I’m living off campus and my current lease arrangement is causing financial hardship?

We encourage you to the complete Resource Support Form which is due on Wednesday, August 12 at 9am.


updated 8/6/2020