Student Belongings – FAQs

What safety precautions are being taken at the warehouse?

Staff at the warehouse are abiding by public health guidelines by wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distancing protocols. All students must also abide by these guidelines.

How do students make an appointment to retrieve belongings?

Students should schedule an appointment to retrieve belongings from the warehouse by going through the Housing Portal. Once logged into the Housing Portal, click “Belonging Pickup” in the top navigation bar. Appointments are in one-hour blocks. Please contact the Housing Operations office at 410-516-7960 with any questions regarding appointments.

Can appointments be changed or canceled?

Students can cancel or change their appointments on the Housing Portal within 72 hours of their appointment time. If less than 72 hours, please contact the Housing Operations Office by calling 410-516-7960.

What happens if a student shows up early or late for their appointment?

Belongings are retrieved based on scheduled appointments in order to service a certain number of students per hour effectively. If students arrive outside of their appointment time, this impacts other scheduled appointment times.

While it is important for students to keep their scheduled appointment time, we understand that life happens! Please be sure to notify us of any early arrivals, delays, or cancellations ahead of time. The staff will work with students as best as possible. For questions please call the Housing Operations office at 410-516-7960.

What are the hours of operations for appointments at the warehouse?

Appointments begin at 9am and end with the last scheduled set of appointments at 5pm. There are no appointments from 12pm – 1pm.

Where is the warehouse located?

The address is 5560 Bioscience Drive, Baltimore, MD 21202. Take the first left when you turn onto Bioscience Drive and look for the JHU sign that says “Student Belonging Pickup.”

Where do students park at the warehouse?

Free parking is available at the warehouse. Student arriving early are able to park until their scheduled appointment time.

Do students need to bring anything to the warehouse?

Students will need to have their student ID with them when they arrive at the warehouse as staff will ask them to present it. Additionally, masks are required at all times, so please be sure to have one. Masks will not be provided. Student belongings are already packed in boxes at the warehouse, however, additional boxes and supplies will be provided if students need them.

What does the process look like at the warehouse?

When arriving, there will be signs for you to check in with a staff member to be assigned a bay and/or directed where to park.

Upon entering the warehouse, your items will be brought to your assigned bay to go through and check for any missing boxes or items which may have been too large to be packed in a box. If you shared your space with roommates and/or suitemates, you will be asked to go through the boxes to remove only your items. The remaining belongings will be shrink wrapped and remain stored until retrieved by roommates and/or suitemates.

If there are any missing boxes or items, please inform the on-site staff member. We will do our best to locate the items before you depart the facility.

What if a student doesn’t have transportation?

If students cannot secure transportation to the warehouse, please contact Housing Operations directly at 410-516-7960 or We will work with JHU transportation to coordinate transportation to the warehouse and back to campus.

What if a student is using an Uber, taxi, etc.?

If students choose to take an Uber or taxi, please have them drop off at the warehouse address listed above. It is recommended to have the Uber or taxi leave and calling another one once sorting of belongings is complete.

How long do students have within the fall semester to retrieve belongings from storage?

Housing staff will continue to provide dates throughout the fall semester for students to retrieve their belongings. Please visit the belongings pick-up website for more available dates and information on making appointments.

What if a student cannot retrieve their belongings during the fall appointment periods?

Housing will continue to store student belongings until all students return to campus.

Who do students contact with questions about belongings once they have been retrieved?

Students should email or call the Housing Operations office at 410-516-7960.