The residence halls will close on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 12:00PM.

All students are required to move out of the residence halls within 24 hours of their last final exam or by 12noon on Wednesday, May 18th, whichever comes first.

Contact the Housing Operations at 410-516-7962 or with any questions or concerns.

Move Out Procedure

If you are moving out between Saturday, May 14th and Wednesday, May 18th

You will need to complete the Spring 2022 Move-out Intentions survey AT LEAST 48 hours before your desired move out time to let us know when they are leaving. If a student’s time changes, they should enter the new information through the Housing Portal. We are asking that all students complete the survey so that we can have an idea of when folks are moving out.

If you are moving out before Saturday, May 14th

You do not need to complete the survey for move out or notify Housing Operations. You will simply complete the move out preparation listed below and return your keys to the key drop box in your building.


Move Out Preparation

Please follow the instructions below to ensure a quick and safe move out process.

Pack your Belongings

Your belongings should be packed and ready to be moved BEFORE your scheduled move out time. If you would like to ship your items, the Wolman Mailroom offers everything you need to pack and/or ship your belongings.

**Please be aware that JHU does NOT permit the use of storage or “POD” containers on campus.

Clean your room/suite

Please make sure that your room is properly cleaned and is left in the condition you received it upon moving in. The checklist below will be helpful to ensure there are no room condition and damage concerns.

  1. Remove all trash. Students who leave excessive trash or belongings in their room after moving out will be charged a custodial fine. Those items left behind will be considered trash and will be disposed of.
  2. Remove all items from the walls (decorations, adhesives, hooks, tape, nails, push pins, etc.) You may be charged for any items not removed, in addition to the repair removing the items my cause.
  3. Sweep floors. Please note that vacuums are not available to check out. Do your best to ensure your room is cleaned before moving out and returning your key.
  4. Clean all common space in suites. Foyers, bathrooms and/or kitchenettes should be cleaned as well. Do not forget to empty your refrigerator!
  5. All students should make sure that their windows are closed, locked, and blinds are pulled down.
  6. Damage, maintenance, and custodial fines will be assessed if your room is not left in the condition you received it.
  7. Key replacement fines will be assessed if you do not return your JHU issued keys: $125 for room keys and $15 for mailbox keys
  8. A final walk-through will be completed by staff after move-out to determine if there is any additional room damage. Students will be billed accordingly.

Return your key

You should close and lock your door PRIOR to returning your key to prevent others from tampering with your room.

Once you have finished cleaning your room, you can put your keys in a key return envelope. Envelopes will be available at the key drop boxes and at the security desk. Please make sure to write legibly and include the date of move out.

You will then be able to drop your key off at the key drop off boxes located:

  • AMR 1 – outside MPR
  • AMR 2 – Mailroom
  • AMR 3 A&B – entrance of the building B, by study room
  • Bradford – near security desk, near elevators
  • Wolman – to the left of the security desk
  • Scott-Bates Commons – behind security desk
  • Homewood – next to mailboxes
  • McCoy – next to the bike room door
  • Rogers – Use the Wolman drop off box

Check-Out Tables (May 14 – 18, 10 AM – 6 PM)

Students can also visit one of the following locations to complete room check-out:

  • AMR II Blue Jay Lounge
  • Wolman Hall Lobby
  • McCoy Hall Lobby
  • Homewood Lobby
  • Scott-Bates Commons (on bridge behind the welcome station)

You are not permitted to return to your room after you return your keys; make sure all your items are out of the room and your door is locked!

Dollies, Hand Trucks and Bins

Before May 14th

Dollies, hand trucks and bins are available from the Housing Operations office in Wolman or the Residential Life office in AMR 2 during business hours (Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5PM) on a limited basis. It is the student responsibility to return the carts to the office.

Homewood Residents: A limited number of carts will be available in the Homewood lobby for your convenience. Simply sign-out the bin from the security guard.

May 14th through May 18th

Moving bins will be available at the following locations and times, but are on a limited basis:

  • All AMR’s – Blue Jay Lounge, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wolman – Wolman Lobby, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Bradford and McCoy Residents should go to Wolman Hall for checking out bins, dollies, and hand trucks.
  • Scott-Bates Commons – Scott-Bates Commons MPR, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Homewood – there will be a limited number of bins in the lobby. Just sign out the bins from the guard.


Car Loading Instructions and Road Closures

Please pay close attention when parking as areas that you may usually have parked in may have parking restrictions in place for move out. If you are not cognizant of these parking restrictions you may be ticketed or towed by Baltimore City or JHU Parking. Please pay close attention to ALL signage around campus.

Large Commercial moving trucks such as U-Hauls will not be permitted on campus.

Be prepared to load your vehicle quickly and safely, and move your vehicle (within 15 – 30 minutes). A family member must stay with the vehicle while you complete the checkout process.

Metered spaces will NOT be closed, so please make sure to pay attention to all parking signage and/or meter rates.


Beginning Saturday, May 14th, enter campus from University Parkway, go halfway around the circle past the Athletic Center, and continue straight down the hill. Just beyond AMR III A, turn left onto a bricked roadway that will put you in front of AMR II. There is no direct driving route to the front of AMR I. Once completed you will exit by proceeding straight out which will take you out on to Charles Street. You will turn right on to Charles Street, southbound.


Beginning Saturday, May 14th, enter campus from University Parkway, take the road immediately to your left as you enter the circle at the Athletic Center. You will stop briefly behind AMR III B to load your vehicle, then exit by proceeding around past the tennis courts and veering left, which will take you out on to Charles Street. You will turn right on to Charles Street, southbound.


You will need to approach Charles Street from the left lane of Art Museum Drive, turn left on Charles Street, then turn right on 33rd Street. You will cross St Paul Street and make a U-Turn at Calvert Street. You will then turn right onto Bradford Drive, which is the service road in front of Bradford.


Approach 33rd Street on St. Paul. Vehicles will be directed to utilize the Scott-Bates Commons alley for loading purposes or the standing lane on Charles Street, just north of 33rd, depending your building from Saturday May 14 (starting at 10:00am) through Wednesday May 18 (ending at 12:00pm). Security will be directing cars and traffic between those days and you will be permitted to briefly stop your car to load your belongings.


You will need to approach Charles Street from the right lane of Art Museum Drive, turn left on Charles Street, then turn right on 32nd street. You will need to loop around, by turning right on St Paul Street, then right on 30th Street. You will then turn on the second right onto the parking lane in front of Homewood.


Enter from Greenway and turn left onto 34th Street. 34th Street will be closed to thru traffic from Saturday, May 14 (starting at 12:01am) through Wednesday May 18 (ending at 12:00pm), and security will be directing cars and traffic between those days. You will be permitted to briefly stop your car to load your belongings. You will not be allowed to park on the closed street between those dates.


Other FAQs

Boxes for Shipping & Moving

Community Living has free boxes for students to pack their items. These boxes can be picked up from the Wolman Mailroom or the AMR II Residential Life Office between May 2nd and May 13th. Starting May 14th, free boxes and shipping services and supplies can be picked up from the Shipping Depot in the Wolman MPR on the 1st Floor.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms will close at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, May 18th. Please ensure that all belongings are removed prior to this time.

Change of Address with USPS

Only students living in Rogers House, Homewood, and Bradford should complete a change of address with USPS. All students are encouraged to change their address directly with anyone/organization that might send them mail. Students living in the other buildings provide their forwarding address to the mailroom staff and we handle the forwarding.

Dumpster Locations

Dumpsters will begin to arrive on May 11th and all dumpsters will be in place by COB on May 12th.

  • AMRs – Three dumpsters will be placed outside the Hopkins Café service ramp. Two will be placed on concrete and one will be placed on the grass.
  • Homewood – placed in the alley almost directly behind the Lab
  • McCoy Hall – two dumpsters: one in the grass at the corner of 34th and St. Paul & one placed in McCoy service alley.
  • Wolman Hall – two dumpsters: one placed at the southwest corner of Wolman Hall & one placed just across the alley from it by the CC emergency doors (this dumpster is placed last as to not hinder traffic flow)
  • Scott-Bates Commons – one dumpster will be placed in service bay #1

Toiletry Collection

Starting May 12th, toiletry collection bins will be placed in the lobby of the buildings to collect toiletries so that they can be donated. Items accepted include shampoo, conditioner, soap, mouthwash. The attached graphic will be placed on the bins in the lobbies of the buildings.

JHU SHIP Thrift Shop Donations

In an effort to divert some items from the waste stream, students from JHU SHIP will collect clothing, school supplies, books, and smaller room décor on Thursday, May 4th from 6-8 PM the following locations:

  • AMR I & II Patios
  • McCoy Common Lounge
  • Wolman Lobby
  • Scott-Bates Commons Charles Street Lobby