COVID-19: Student Belongings & Retrieval Process

During the Spring 2020 semester, Johns Hopkins University closed the Homewood campus mid-term in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and public health guidance. Housing Operations staff has worked closely with professional movers to secure the belongings of students who were unable to return to campus to move out of their 2019–20 housing assignment. The goal of this effort was to pack each room with the utmost care and concern for our students and their property, and then transport those belongings to a climate-controlled storage facility managed by the university.

Throughout the course of the past 10 months several emails were sent giving students available dates to retrieve belongings and instruction on how to schedule an appointment to retrieve your belongings from storage. As of October 5, 2021 the warehouse is officially closed.

As of October 5, 2021 students who have not contacted the Housing Office to make arrangements to pick up belongings were informed that we have deemed personal belongings in storage as abandoned and, commencing October 16, 2021, items will be donated or discarded at our discretion.

Students who have contacted the Housing Office will receive information separately about how to retrieve their belongings

Questions can be directed to Housing Operations by emailing or calling 410-516-7962.

Missing or damaged items

In the event of missing or damaged items, please email or call Housing Operations at 410-516-7960. For more information, please visit the reimbursement process page.