Missing & Damaged Items

Since the closure of the Homewood campus last spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Housing Operations has worked closely with professional movers to pack and store the belongings of students who were unable to return to campus to move out of their 2019–20 housing. Despite our best efforts to carry out this process with the utmost care and concern, some personal belongings may have unfortunately been lost or damaged.

For students who retrieved their belongings from the warehouse PRIOR to October 2021, the deadline to submit a reimbursement request is on Friday, October 22, 2021.

Reporting Missing or Damaged Items

To report missing or damaged items, students should contact Housing Operations by emailing mybelongings@jhu.edu or calling 410-516-7960. Please keep in mind that locating a student’s belonging(s) is of paramount importance to us. For any missing items, Housing staff at the storage facility will first attempt to locate the items and return them to the student. Should the item(s) not be located or reported damaged, the student will be notified via email and instructed to submit a reimbursement request via the Housing Portal.

Guidelines for Reimbursements

Below is important information to keep in mind when submitting a reimbursement request:

  • Only one reimbursement report should be submitted. Make sure to have all items, documentation, and any photos together before submitting a request.
  • Plan to provide as much documentation as possible, including any receipts, photos, estimates of costs found online, pricing, etc. All damaged items should have pictures to accompany the request.
  • Any unauthorized credit card activity reported from students’ belongings should be reported to the credit card company as fraud.
  • Some missing items will require a JHU security report, including:
    • Single item valued over $250
    • reports submitted totaling over $500
    • missing cash of any value

If a security report is necessary, please call JHU Security at 410-516-4600 and inform them you need to file a “My Belongings” report for missing items related to the packing and storing of residence halls from the spring 2020 semester. As part of the reimbursement process, we have arranged for JHU Security to be ready to assist students with these reports.

Submitting a Reimbursement Request

Requests for reimbursement can be submitted starting on Monday, October 26 by logging into the Housing Portal and navigating to the “Reimbursement Request Form” from the top menu bar. Within this form, students will download an Excel template to input all items for which they are requesting a reimbursement. An example of a completed Excel template is available PDF Document: here.

Students will upload their completed Excel template, along with supporting documentation for each item (photos, receipts, estimates of costs found online, pricing, etc.), within the reimbursement form on the Housing Portal. Upon submission, students will receive an email confirming their request has been received.

Checking the Status of a Request

The overall timeline from initial request to reimbursement will typically be two to four weeks. After a reimbursement request is submitted, it will be carefully reviewed by a committee, and a decision will be made within one to two weeks. This review and decision process could take longer if additional information or details are required. A notification email will be sent once a decision has been rendered, at which point students may log back into the Housing Portal to complete their request.

Receiving the Reimbursement

If approved for reimbursement, there are two options available:

  • Via a credit applied to the student’s account. Process time is roughly one week from the time of decision.
  • Via a check made payable to the student and mailed to an updated mailing address to be provided in the Housing Portal. Process time is approximately one to two weeks from the time of decision.

For all other questions, please contact Housing Operations by emailing mybelongings@jhu.edu or calling 410-516-7960.