Students living in University Housing with 11-mo. contracts have the option to sublet their space during the summer months beginning when the Residence Halls close in May through the end of their contract term. Only full-time undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences or the Whiting School of Engineering may apply for sublet in University Housing.

University Housing Summer Sublets begin on Friday, May 18th – Tuesday, July 31st by 12 noon.


  1. The sub-licensee MUST be a Johns Hopkins undergraduate student currently enrolled full-time in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences or the Whiting School of Engineering program.
  2. Students subletting a space in a multi-share apartment/suite (2+ bedrooms):
    1. MUST inform their roommate(s) of their intent to sublet.
    2. the student to whom you sublet MUST be the same gender; current Gender Inclusive apartments/suites are the only exception. Contract holder should inform subletter that they will be subletting in a mixed gender suite. Additional follow-up from the Housing Office will be required.
  3. The contract holder MAY NOT charge more than the University charges for their space. To find out the monthly cost, take the amount charged by Housing for the 2017 – 2018 academic year and divide it by the number of months in the lease.
  4. The Housing Office WILL NOT approve a sub-license after the lease holder has vacated/turned in their keys to Housing or for a lease holder who is not reachable by phone or email.
  5. Once the application has been submitted (see below), the licensee & sub-licensee MUST come to the Wolman Housing Office to sign the agreement and finalize the sublet agreement. The Housing Office will reference this agreement in the event of a lock out or an emergency situation.
  6. Once finalized, the sublet will be considered official and the sub-licensees’s Jcard will be activated for the specified dates of the sublet agreement and the contract holder’s Jcard will be DEACTIVATED.
  7. The key and payment exchange MUST be managed between the licensee/sub-licensee.
  8. It is advisable to draw up an agreement between both parties outlining the cost, payment(s), and the condition of the space. If damages occur, the Housing Office will bill these charges to the contract holder – NOT the student subletting the space – and it will be the responsibility of the contract holder to get reimbursed by the sublettor.

PDF Document: Download a PDF version of the requirements.

Securing a Sublet

Students are welcome to utilize the listing options below to help your search. It is important to note that the Housing Office will not pair students together.

Listing Your Space for Sublet

  • University Housing Sublet Google Form: Students living on campus in 11-mo. contract spaces can complete the University Housing Sublet Listing to adverise their space.
  • Off-Campus Housing Database: To advertise your room on the database, click here. Login with your JHED ID and add a listing under your account. Be sure to select Sublet/University Housing and use the heading: UNIVERSITY HOUSING SUBLET – UNDERGRADS ONLY.
  • JHU Sublets: Facebook is a really great tool to identify a potential sub-licensees. Post on our page and be sure to check out other relevant pages as well!

How to Find a Sublet

  • University Housing Sublet Google Sheet: Students with 9-mo. contracts searching for a space available for summer sublet have access to the University Housing Sublet Listings. The listings will be managed by the Wolman Housing Office. Contact the office for more information.
  • Off-Campus Housing Database: To find a space on the database, click here. Login with your JHED ID and go to the ‘Housing’ page. Be sure to select “Hopkins-managed building (undergrads-only)” if you only want to see listings in Homewood & Bradford. If you have any questions about the database, please contact the Off-Campus Housing Office at: 410-516-7961.
  • JHU Sublets: Browse our Facebook page for recent postings for sublets by students. Check postings on other relevant pages as well.

How to Apply

Be mindful of the requirements to assure you have secured a legitimate sublet.

Students are required to complete and submit the PDF Document: University Sub-License Application to the Housing Office for approval. For convenience, the application can be submitted below but also may be submitted in-person at the Wolman Housing Office.

University Sub-License Application
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Maximum upload size: 6.14MB

Additional Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Wolman Housing Office by phone: (410) 516-1473 or email: