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A successful college experience, and life for that matter, includes challenge, opportunity, success, failure, stress, and growth. We hope that you will not only successfully navigate but also learn and grow from the challenges you face during your time at JHU. We hope that you will succeed academically; build strong, supportive relationships with friends and mentors; and develop your understanding of your chosen field of study and of yourselves. We also hope that when you do struggle or fail, which we all do, you will learn from the experience and bounce back stronger. Please know that the Counseling Center is here to provide emotional support and assistance for your mental health needs as you make your way through your time at JHU. This website includes information regarding our services, which are both confidential and free to eligible students.

A Message from the JHU Counseling Center

All of us are in the position of needing to figure out how to best cope with the many tragic, upsetting and unjust events that have been occurring all too frequently in our country and around the world. We frequently have to deal with an intense mix of feelings about events such as the killings of young black men, the shootings of police officers, mass shootings, and/or brutal acts of terrorism in the U.S. and abroad. Any one of these, and all of these combined, can have traumatic effects on us.  We offer the Counseling Center as a place for students to express and sort through your feelings, receive support, and work to help you strengthen your ability to take care of yourself. Explore our Additional Resources page for information about trauma and for suggestions for adaptive coping.

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  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! The Dean of Student Life, CHEW, Gender Equity, and the Counseling Center are all collaborating with campus partners and student organizations to raise awareness about the important issue of sexual assault and to promote open dialogue and action to end sexual violence.


  • HUB

    Sexual violence survey

    Students asked to participate in survey that will inform stronger policies, new efforts to combat sexual violence at JHU and at institutions nationwide


  • HUB

    Health conscious

    Nutrition seminars, art exhibit planned for Eating Disorders Awareness Week