Eligibility for Services

Eligible Schools & Programs

Counseling Center services are free to students from the following schools and programs:

List of schools that are eligible for services
School/Program Who’s Eligible?
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in full-time programs
Whiting School of Engineering Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in full-time programs
Peabody Conservatory All students of the Peabody Conservatory (Students at Peabody Preparatory are not eligible)
Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med All students enrolled in the program
School of Education Graduate students currently enrolled in an in-person program

Note: Students on Leave of Absence from the University are not eligible for services as they are not considered enrolled students while on leave.

Psychiatric Services

Students enrolled in the above programs are eligible to receive services from the Counseling Center’s part-time consulting psychiatrists. Our Counseling Center psychiatrists can be accessed in one of 2 ways: (1) if you are currently taking a psychotropic medication prescribed elsewhere, you can schedule an appointment with one of our psychiatrists; (2) if you are not currently prescribed a medication, you must first meet with a Counseling Center clinician who may refer you to one of our consulting psychiatrists. The Counseling Center professionals will decide whether a student will need to be in counseling in order to receive a prescription and/or continue to receive services from the psychiatrist.

If you are currently in counseling at the Counseling Center and you are interested in consulting with a psychiatrist, please discuss this with your therapist. Your therapist may also suggest a psychiatric consultation as part of your treatment plan.

Schools & Programs Not Served by the Counseling Center

The following schools and programs are not served by the Counseling Center. Students in these schools are eligible for services through the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program. For more information, please visit the JHSAP website, call 443-287-7000, or email jhsap@jhu.edu.