Counseling Center Fall 2021 Reopening Plans and Services

Counseling Center – Fall 2021 Update

Throughout the pandemic, the Counseling Center (CC) remained open for services. Beginning August 2, 2021, staff will be in office and able to provide both remote and in-person services for eligible students. The university has reinstated the mask policy, mandating that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks indoors. The CC will abide by this policy for the health of all students, staff, faculty and members of the JHU community.

  • The JHU university masking policy mandates that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks indoors. If you are not feeling well (e.g., have fever, cough, sore throat) please reschedule your appointment or arrange for remote services. Please do not appear in-person if you are or think you are sick.
  • At each visit to the CC, students must display their Prodensity app (health badge and COVID vaccine status screen) to the Front Office Staff (FOS) at check-in.
    • If badge is not green, students will be asked to immediately leave the CC and to contact the Student Health and Wellness Center.
    • Regardless of your vaccine status, you must wear a mask and maintain 6-feet distance when you are at the CC, including when you are in a counselor’s office.
  • Students entering the CC may utilize the seating that is available in the waiting room. Available seats are those not marked off with a sign or blue tape.

Seeking Services

  • All students seeking clinical services at the CC will enter through our Initial Consultation (IC) hours. Students can call the office at 410-516-8278 and press “2” to speak with someone to arrange a phone or Zoom consultation appointment. During this brief consultation, students can receive support, discuss concerns, and develop a plan for treatment, which may include ongoing services at the CC or referral to on- or off-campus resources.
  • The IC consultation hours are available most weekdays, providing an accessible means by which students can talk to a counselor at their convenience. After calling the CC and completing some brief paperwork, students will be scheduled for this brief consultation call. Students should set aside about 1-2 hours total for all paperwork and appointment time, but this may vary depending on the volume of students seeking services and influenced by each student’s schedule availability.
    • The IC appointments will be scheduled remotely for all students and these appointments are the way all students new to the Counseling Center begin their engagement in our services.
  • After the IC appointment, some students may subsequently engage in Brief Goal-Focused Individual Therapy to explore a specific issue or address a specific mental health concern one-on-one with a trained counselor. During this appointment, the student and the counselor work collaboratively to establish a helpful and meaningful goal or set of goals that can be effectively targeted within a relatively small number of sessions. This process often involves breaking larger, more comprehensive goals, into smaller, more manageable yet also helpful and meaningful goals.
    • Due to the university mask mandate requiring all individuals to wear a mask indoors, there are two options for these appointments, depending on the needs of the student: 1) remote (Zoom) appointment or 2) in-person appointment with masks.
  • The Counseling Center does not have a specific limit to the number of sessions available to any individual student. Rather, our counselors strive to work effectively and efficiently with students seen in individual counseling. For context, it might be helpful to know that in 2018/19, the average number of individual sessions per student was just under 5 sessions, with 63% of students being seen from 1-5 sessions and 91% of students being seen for less than 16 sessions. Brief therapy appointments are typically scheduled at weekly or bi-weekly intervals, depending on the presenting concerns and counselor availability.