Chat with a Black Counselor

Chat with a Black Counselor is an online drop-in service mental health service that offers informal, confidential, and one-on-one visits for students to meet with a Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center staff member. These hours are open to students who identify as members of the African diaspora, to meet with a Black counselor who can talk with you about mental health, strategies for managing stress/academics/life, and resources that fit your needs and identities. Dr. RaiNesha Miller will be available biweekly on Wednesdays from 4-5pm EST.  Sign up to chat with Dr. Miller here.

Chat with a Counselor is not a substitute for counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. The counselor can listen to specific problems, help explore solutions and introduce you to what it’s like to speak with a member of our staff. Anyone with an immediate, urgent or crisis concern should not utilize Chat with a Counselor but instead contact the on-call counselor by calling 410-516-8278 and pressing “1” at any time 24/7. Learn more about the Chat with a Counselor program here.

Don’t have time for a drop-in visit? You can reach out to Chat with a Counselor at any time by emailing You can expect a response within 48 hours.