Counseling Center Forms

The Counseling Center has provided several frequently used forms for your convenience. Please see the links at left for an explanation of each form’s use, and a link to download the form.

Release of Information

The Counseling Center does not disclose any information about a client without his/her written permission. (Please see our Confidentiality Policy.) If you would like someone to be able to communicate with the Counseling Center about your treatment, you must fill out a PDF Document: Release of Information. You may come in to the Counseling Center and fill one out or you may print it from this website, fill it out at home and bring it to the Counseling Center, or fax the completed form to us at 410-516-4286.

Medical Leave of Absence

For more information on Medical Leave of Absence and reinstatement, please visit the Office of the Dean of Student Life’s Medical Leave of Absence page.