Medical Leave & Readmission Forms

Generally a student must be out on MLOA for at least one full semester before requesting to be readmitted to the University.

You should contact the Counseling Center no less than six weeks before the beginning of the semester for which you wish to return. Please find below the forms you will need to have submitted before you can schedule an appointment at the Counseling Center for a readmission evaluation.

Forms needed to initiate the Readmission process:

PDF Document: Release of Information Form (Please submit a completed form for the Dean, for your outside therapist and/or psychiatrist, and any other people with whom the Counseling Center will need to communicate.)

PDF Document: Student Readmission Questionnaire (This is for the student to submit in requesting readmission.)

PDF Document: Treating Agent’s Readmission Questionnarie (This form is for the student’s therapist(s) to submit to the Counseling Center.)