Our Services

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Counseling Center will be providing all services remotely to protect the health of our students, staff and communities. Below you will find general information about our services. For specific information regarding our services during Fall 2020, please click here.

Remote Drop-In Hours

Remote Drop-In Hours are available most weekdays, providing an accessible means by which students can talk to a counselor at their convenience. All students who utilize the remote drop-in hours will talk to a counselor for a brief consultation to receive support, discuss concerns, and develop a plan to reach their goals.

Student should first call the Counseling Center and leave a voice message, which will be returned within 1 business hour. After completing some paperwork, students will subsequently be scheduled to talk to a counselor by phone to explore options and collaboratively determine a plan to address their concerns. Students should set aside about 1-2 hours total for all of the paperwork for remote drop-in appointments, but this may vary depending on the volume of students seeking services. Remote drop-in appointments are the way all students new to the Counseling Center begin their engagement in our services

Mental Health Workshops

The Counseling Center offers a variety of mental health workshops designed to teach new skills and enhance resilience and well-being. All workshops are offered free to students at Homewood and Peabody, and ongoing involvement with the Counseling Center is not necessary. Mental health workshops will be offered online through Zoom. Additional information is available on our workshops sign-up page.

Group Therapy

Counseling groups allow students to address their concerns through engagement with others. Groups are especially effective for those interested in exploring their interpersonal style and enhancing their approach to relationships in such areas as trust, intimacy, anger, conflict, assertiveness, taking risks, and improving self-esteem. All Counseling Center groups are offered remotely and are facilitated or co-facilitated by Counseling Center counselors. Click here for more information about our group program.

Brief Goal-Focused Individual Therapy

Brief Goal-Focused Individual Therapy is a means by which students can explore a specific issue or address a specific mental health concern one-on-one with a trained counselor. Within this approach, the student and the counselor work collaboratively to establish a helpful and meaningful goal or set of goals that can be effectively targeted within a relatively small number of sessions. This process often involves breaking larger, more comprehensive goals, into smaller, more manageable yet also helpful and meaningful goals.

The Counseling Center does not have a specific limit to the number of sessions available to any individual student. Rather, our counselors strive to work effectively and efficiently with students seen in individual counseling. For context, it might be helpful to know that in 2018/19, the average number of individual sessions per student was just under 5 sessions, with 63% of students being seen from 1-5 sessions and 91% of students being seen for less than 16 sessions. Brief therapy appointments are typically scheduled at weekly or bi-weekly intervals, depending on the presenting concerns and counselor availability.

At this time, all therapy is provided remotely. Any student interested in exploring brief goal-focused individual therapy at the Counseling Center can contact our office (410-516-8278) to discuss your needs during the remote drop-in hours. We will arrange a phone call for you to speak with a counselor to discuss current options for remote treatment or to make arrangements for referrals near where you are now. (Please note that long distance telehealth is not an option in many states, and it is not the best form of treatment for everyone, so you and your C provide will work together to determine the option that makes the most sense for you). Click here for more information.

Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management

Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management services are available by one of our consulting psychiatrists when medication may assist in the treatment of a concern. At this time, psychiatric treatment is also provided remotely by our providers. Students interested in psychiatric care should contact the Counseling Center to discuss your needs, or click here for additional information.

Referral Assistance

Referral Assistance is available to students who want to seek services in the community or whose needs are better addressed by off-campus mental health providers. This includes when a student wishes to pursue ongoing open-ended treatment or when they need more frequent or more specialized services than the Counseling Center provides.

In partnership with Thriving Campus, the JHU Counseling Center offers an online database of local mental health providers: jhu.thrivingcampus.com. Thriving Campus is a search engine of mental health providers and is a resource offered to the JHU community. Thriving Campus partners with colleges and universities across the nation to provide a comprehensive list of applicable providers.

Any student interested in referrals can utilize the Thriving Campus database on their own. Students seeking additional assistance with referrals can either talk to their current counselor, or request to speak with one of our mental health case managers (call the Counseling Center and leave a voice message).

Accessing Counseling Center Services

All Students NEW to the Counseling Center:

All students begin their work with the Counseling Center through the remote drop-in hours. No appointment is necessary for this first contact, just call the Counseling Center at your convenience during our remote drop-in hours.

Students who have been seen at the Counseling Center in the past:

Students who have been in brief individual therapy with a Counseling Center counselor in the past are welcome to meet with that counselor again at a later point in time, to continue the initial work or to address a new issue. You may call the CC to schedule an appointment with your previous counselor.

Students who have utilized our services in the past are also welcome to stop by the office during our remote drop-in hours to talk with one of our counselors. If a student would prefer to work with a different counselor, they can call the Counseling Center to arrange an appointment to discuss what services would best meet their needs (and if brief individual therapy is recommended they can choose to work with a different counselor or return to their previous counselor if that person is available).

What to expect when you request services at the Counseling Center

When you call the Counseling Center during the remote drop-in hours, you will be scheduled for an initial conversation with a counselor. You will complete online forms that explain our services, provide basic demographic information as well as information about your concerns and history. You will then talk to one of the Counseling Center counselors to discuss your current concerns and create a mutually agreed upon plan to help you reach your goals. This plan could include services provided by the Counseling Center, a referral to other services at the University, or if services off campus would better meet your needs, we will provide referral coordination to help you connect with mental health providers in the community.