CC Services During Covid-19

These are unprecedented times and the Counseling Center is committed to supporting students wherever they may be. While our services have traditionally involved in-person and face-to-face communication, we have shifted our model to provide remote services, so that we can protect the health of students, staff and our communities. While we are not offering walk-in or drop-in services to our physical office at this time, we continue to provide a variety of online services to meet student needs.

Last Updated 8/21/2020

Individual Counseling & Psychiatric Services

During the summer of Covid-19, the Counseling Center is providing all individual counseling and psychiatric services remotely. Please contact the Counseling Center to discuss your counseling and psychiatric needs. You can contact us through our main number (410-516-8278). Please leave a confidential message on the voicemail and we will get back to you, within an hour, during business hours. We will arrange a phone call for you to speak with a counselor to discuss current options for remote treatment or to make arrangements for referrals near where you are now. You may be eligible for video telehealth sessions with a CC clinician depending on your geographical location. During this phone call, the CC clinician may also recommend a referral to a CC psychiatrist. Please note that long distance telehealth is not an option in many states, and it is not the best form of treatment for everyone, so you and your CC provider will work together to determine the option that makes the most sense for you.

Group Therapy

During the Fall 2020 semester, we will continue to offer a wide variety of groups for students. All Counseling Center groups are offered remotely and are facilitated or co-facilitated by Counseling Center counselors. Click here for more information about our group program.


Our mental health workshops have transitioned to Zoom and are offered online to students who register!











Click here to learn more about workshops that will be offered in the Fall.

Virtual Drop-In Groups

As we continue to navigate these new and confusing times, the Counseling Center wants to support students in their efforts toward mental, physical, academic and social well-being. In this time of physical distancing, it can feel isolating to be removed from our typical school, work and social environments. In an effort to build community and connection, the Counseling Center will be hosting several online spaces to allow students to gather, share emotions and feelings, and discuss tips for coping.

Drop-In Groups are open to the JHU community, unless otherwise noted. For a listing of drop-in groups offered in the Fall 2020 semester, click here.

* NOTE ABOUT ELIGIBILITY: Students do not need to be clients of the Counseling Center to join these virtual drop-in groups. These discussions are open to students on the Homewood and Peabody campus. Students living anywhere, whether in Maryland, in the US or in another country, may join the discussion.

Self-Help Resources

Counseling Center staff have put together a comprehensive list of information, resources and tools to help students manage and cope with the ongoing pandemic. PDF Document: Emotional Self-Care During Covid-19 Pandemic

In addition, student can access the Stress and Depression Questionnaire- an anonymous, online tool that generates a confidential assessment of how stress and depression may be affecting you. A JHU counselor will evaluate your responses and provide personalized feedback. You will also have the option to anonymously exchange brief messages with a counselor to learn about available resources and options for treatment at Johns Hopkins and in the community. Click here to access the questionnaire or to learn more.