Resources and Support in the Midst of Ongoing Harassment and Hate Crimes Against the APIDA Community

Throughout the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of hate crimes and harassment toward the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) and the larger APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American) community. The Counseling Center takes a strong stance against racism in every shape and form and our hearts go out to those impacted by these anti-Asian, anti-APIDA, and anti immigrant acts. We stand in solidarity with those who are impacted, and those who continue to fight against the racism and prejudice that are directed toward the APIDA community. We offer this list which, while not comprehensive, provides a multitude of ways to respond to these acts of hatred: through speaking up and reporting crime, through sharing stories and connecting with our supportive communities, through finding ally-ship in organizations that fight against systemic racism, and/or through mental health care to manage the emotional trauma of living in these times. We hope that you, your friends and family, allies and others you know who may have been impacted, will find these resources helpful.

For Emotional Support

To Report a Hate/Bias Incident

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