Self-Help and Assessments Resources


Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center Self-Help and Assessments Library. In this section you will find a variety of self-help resources and self-assessment tools that we hope you will find helpful for yourself or someone you care about. Please feel free to read through or download any of the material on this website. While these materials are not meant to be a substitute for therapy, our hope is that you will find the materials informative and useful. If you would like to meet with a therapist please call our front desk to schedule an intake appointment at 410-516-8278.

Thank you to the many counseling centers who were extremely generous with sharing their materials. This site would not be possible without their contributions.

Introducing SiverCloud

In order to support student wellness, Johns Hopkins is pleased to announce that SilverCloud—an online, confidential mental health resource—is now free and available to all full-time Johns Hopkins students. SilverCloud offers 24/7 access to interactive learning modules that teach cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques.

To learn more about SilverCloud, please watch the video below or PDF Document: view answers to frequently asked questions.

To sign up for SilverCloud, please visit the Hopkins sign up page or click the button below.

Access SilverCloud

Self-Help Resources

Visit our collection of self-help resources for yourself or someone you care about. Topics include relaxation and mindfulness, perfectionism, grief and loss, relationships, overcoming anxiety, and more.

Self-Assessment Tools

There are several self-assessment screening tools available that may help provide you with important information in the comfort and privacy of your home.

The Calm App

Johns Hopkins also offers FREE premium access to the Calm app to members of the JHU community. Learn how to register and receive all the mindful and relaxing benefits of Calm. More information on Calm is available in the HUB.