Amani Surges Martorella, LCSW-C

Senior Staff Social Worker and Advisor to APTT (A Place To Talk, peer listening group)

Amani is excited to be increasing her role at the Counseling Center in 2014-15. In 2013-14, she facilitated the Support Group for the Pre-Doctoral Internship Program at the Counseling Center. This year, she will be continuing in this role as well as taking on the role as advisor for APTT (A Place to Talk), a student-to-student peer listening program. Amani completed her graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning a MSSW, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Maryland. Amani’s professional experience includes working in a long-term residential treatment center for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents, providing therapy to court-mandated clients with substance abuse issues, and working with clients who are struggling with histories of trauma, abuse, and neglect. In addition to her work at the Counseling Center, Amani also works as a Clinical Coordinator at Baltimore County Crisis Response, where she helps to supervise the delivery of services to Baltimore County residents who are experiencing acute mental health crises. Amani’s professional interests include treating the mental health needs of disempowered populations, navigating the intersection of mental health and criminal justice systems, and training and supporting those who are interested in the fields of social work and other helping professions.