Jian-Ming (J.M.) Hou, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Services for International Students and Coordinator of Services for Asian Students

When working with clients, Dr. JM primarily utilizes a psychodynamic/interpersonal approach and integrates interventions from CBT, ACT and Narrative Therapy. Dr. JM’s professional interests include men’s concerns, resilience of early and middle adulthood, cross-cultural adjustment and identity. He has extensive experience in leading Men’s Therapy Groups and other therapy groups, including Friday Coffee Break, a drop-in program at the campus café for individuals who need a little consultation prior to consider psychotherapy. As a researcher and trainer, Dr. JM’s passion lies in clinical supervision, counselor development, and resilience for those in the helping, teaching and health professions.


Dr. JM earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota. He has had a multitude of counseling and therapy experience in school, community mental health and university counseling settings. He completed his APA-accredited doctoral internship at California State University-Long Beach and a post-doctoral residency at the Washington State University. Prior to his doctoral training, Dr. JM received his Master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a community mental health therapist in Philadelphia where he was certified as a Skilled Cognitive Therapist in the Community Setting by the Beck Institute. Prior to his graduate training, Dr. JM was a teacher and school counselor for several years after he received his bachelor’s degree in the 1990s.

In his free time, Dr. JM enjoys spending time with his wife, brewing coffee, biking, piano jazz and hymn.