Matthew Torres, Ph.D.

Counseling Center Executive Director

I have worked at the JHU Counseling Center since 2004, and I became the Executive Director in 2015. I received my doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh, and, before coming to Hopkins, I worked at a handful of other college counseling centers. I do not currently see students in counseling, but as an administrator I am focused on working to ensure that the center is providing a variety of services that best meet the needs all of the JHU students who want or need our help, making sure we are reaching out to and helping the students who may be less likely to walk in our door, and working to ensure that we are providing culturally competent services to the diverse array of JHU students.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy reading (mostly fiction), watching movies (dramas, comedies, pretty much everything Marvel puts out), exercising (irregularly) and being outside in nature.