Susan E. Bailey, M.D.

Consulting Psychiatrist

I was born in Kansas and spent my childhood on a farm, but moved in late elementary school briefly to Mississippi, then to Louisiana. I was a FLI student at LSU, earning a BA in English literature, and later my MA at the University of New Orleans. I belatedly left a PhD program at UC Berkeley after finally acknowledging to myself that I didn’t want to be a literary critic. I taught expository writing at Berkeley during the day, drew blood at a local hospital at night, went to medical school at George Washington University by way of a National Health Service Corps scholarship, did my residency at Johns Hopkins and eventually became a community psychiatrist– which I define (admittedly idiosyncratically) as someone interested in the different needs and challenges of any group whose members, through one or more things that are deeply meaningful to them, share a common identity. I’ve since worked with the seriously and persistently mentally ill, with traumatized Katina survivors in New Orleans, on a Native American reservation in rural Maine, in the Baltimore state and federal prisons, with impaired physicians, and with medical and university students at JHH and JHU. I love my work and am grateful I found the long way round to it.

Indiscriminate reading and baseball are my other passions–but I also like hiking and camping.