Our Team

Dr. Teresa Wonnell, Director

Teresa Wonnell is the Director of Academic Services Assessment and Analysis. She started at Johns Hopkins in 2005, in enrollment management in Homewood Student Affairs. The Assessment and Analysis office grew from there and is now a three-person office.

Teresa earned her bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Virginia, her master’s degree in materials science engineering from the University of Wisconsin, and her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the use of dream interpretation within counseling sessions. Prior to Johns Hopkins, Teresa got her start in institutional research at Harford Community College.

Email: twonnell@jhu.edu

Christopher Steinman, Assistant Director

Chris Steinman is the Assistant Director for Academic Services Assessment and Analysis. In this role, he applies statistical and analytic models to understand the influence of policies and programming on student social and academic outcomes, and also serves as a support for office assessment activities. Chris joined the office in July 2017.

Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social psychology from Kent State University. He has worked on academic research in several areas, including memory and forgetting, emotion expression, health communication, and the justification and defense of belief systems. Prior to Johns Hopkins, Chris worked for the Ohio Department of Education, helping design and interpret methods for evaluating public school performance.

Email: chris.steinman@jhu.edu

Liz Sogge, Data Specialist

Liz earned her bachelor’s degree in math and a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Chicago. Her career hales from the insurance industry, in which she applied her talent with data as an actuary and a statistician. Over the last several years, Liz worked as a Research Data Analyst for Johns Hopkins’ School of Education. Her area of focus was the Henderson-Hopkins K-8 school and Early Childhood Center which opened in East Baltimore in 2012. She assisted with reports from the student management systems, longitudinal cohort analysis, and managing the admissions lottery.

In Liz’s current position, she assists with gathering and cleaning data, qualitative analysis, and basic statistical reports and tabulations. She is the most recent addition to the ASAA group, starting from March of 2018.

Email: liz.sogge@jhu.edu