Vinyl Cutting

20150728 DMC vinyl cutter_

Make custom stickers for your laptop, car window or any other flat, nonporous surface! Although not technically a printer, the DMC’s new vinyl cutter enables you to use vector-based drawings to create single color, plastic stickers.

20150728 DMC vinyl_

Vinyl + Transfer Paper Pricing

Vinyl rolls are 24″ wide. All pieces of vinyl are sold in variable lengths at 24″ wide.

  • Vinyl = $2 per linear foot.*
  • 6″ Tape = $0.20/foot
  • 12″ Tape = $0.30/foot

*This is not square feet. The staff member on duty will measure off how many linear feet of 2′ wide roll that you need and use that number to calculate the cost. Our rolls are 2 feet wide, so for example, 1 linear foot of roll would also be 2 feet wide, and cost $2. A length of 3 linear feet would also be 2 feet wide, and cost $6.

Vinyl Cutting Costs

Basic DMC member vinyl cutting process

1) Get authorized by a DMC staffer to use the vinyl cutter.

2) Design and save a vector file using Adobe Illustrator CS6 (we do not yet have a plugin for CC).

3) Reserve or check out the vinyl cutter in WebCheckout.

4) Request however much length of vinyl you will need for the design in your preferred color(s) from the front desk. The front desk also provides a roll of transfer paper for applying the cut vinyl. Pay for your vinyl and transfer paper
at this time.

5) Login to the printing and cutting station in the front bay and open your file in Illustrator CS6.

6) Load vinyl and send design to cutter via CutStudio plugin. (This kind of like printing, but via an extension to the cutter.)

7) Turn off the cutter, use tools (located in front bay) to remove the excess vinyl (negative space in the design), and covers the remaining vinyl with transfer paper.

8) Apply the vinyl to your target surface (laptop, water bottle, wall, etc..).

9) See DMC front desk to “return” your vinyl cutter checkout and the transfer paper roll.

Check out the DMC Help Wiki for more info on getting authorized and how to use the vinyl cutter.