Vinyl Cutting

20150728 DMC vinyl cutter_

Make custom stickers for your laptop, car window or any other flat, nonporous surface! Although not technically a printer, the DMC’s new vinyl cutter enables you to use vector-based drawings to create single color, plastic stickers.

20150728 DMC vinyl_

Vinyl + Transfer Paper Pricing

Vinyl rolls are 24″ wide. All pieces of vinyl are sold in variable lengths at 24″ wide.

  • Vinyl = $1/roll inch
  • 6″ Transfer Tape = $0.20/foot
  • 12″ Transfer Tape = $0.30/foot
  • 12″x12″ Vinyl Sheets (for Cricut) = $1.00/sheet




Check out the DMC Help Wiki for more info on getting authorized and how to use the vinyl cutter.