Deborah Buffalin

Program Manager

Trained as an architect, Deborah worked in housing and community development for a decade before taking a detour through the adventurous world of child-rearing. Time spent managing a home and freelance grantwriting business with three kids underfoot prepared her well for re-entry into the professional world as the office manager of the DMC.

Although she tells her student employees that they knew more about digital media in utero than she’ll ever learn in her lifetime, Deborah is pleased to have absorbed rudimentary audio, video, graphics and web skills. You will occasionally find her jumping up and down, gleefully chirping “I knew something! I knew something!” after solving a problem in the lab.

On her off time, Deborah coaches several academic chess teams, teaches ethics and values at a local Hebrew school and occasionally competes at amateur powerlifting meets. When she grows up, Deborah hopes to be a race car driver or an astronaut.