Info for Clubs & Groups

The GRO is the University’s official body for recognition of graduate student campus groups.

Recognition by the GRO allows a group:

  • To reserve rooms on campus.
  • To borrow University vans.
  • To send e-mail communications to all graduate students through the GRO e-mail list server. (See Publicity section below for more info)

In recognizing a group, the GRO does not endorse any of the group’s positions, policies, or actions or agree to provide any money to the group. (Anyone, whether affiliated with a recognized group or not, may apply for funding through the GRO.) Furthermore, recognition by the GRO does not provide a new group with an independent university account. Questions about obtaining university accounts and transactions that require them should be directed to the GRO Treasurer.

If your group is already recognized by the undergraduate SGA, there is no need for you to obtain further recognition from the GRO, nor would it grant you any further benefits.

The criteria for being recognized as a group are as follows:

  • The group must provide a benefit or service to graduate students of the Homewood Divisions.
  • The group must abide by all the regulations and policies of Johns Hopkins University.
  • The head of the group must be a graduate student of the Homewood Divisions.
  • Religious groups must first have approval from the InterFaith Center (see
  • A group must be original.
  • A group must maintain a minimum of five members who are affiliated with Johns Hopkins University.
  • A group must be non-profit.
  • A group must be open to all Homewood graduate students regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, age, marital status, etc.

Every year, the group must submit to the GRO updated contact information for the group’s officers. The deadline for this submission will be one week after the first General Council meeting of the academic year. The GRO may terminate the recognition of any group not submitting contact information by the deadline.

Approval Process

To apply for recognition as a GRO group:

  • A graduate student representative from your group should write and submit a brief, one-to-two-paragraph description of the group to the GRO and send it to our Administrative & Funding Chair.
  • Send a representative or representatives to the General Council meeting in which your recognition will be decided. (This representative may not also be a member of the General Council of the GRO.)
  • The GRO General Council will determine whether to recognize your group, and you will be notified by e-mail.

Recognized groups should also register as a GRO-recognized group with the Office of Student Activities.


To send a broadcast e-mail to grad students at JHU, send an e-mail to with the message you want to send (including a subject line). The event should be open to a majority, if not all, of the grad student body. The announcement mail will be forwarded to the grad population is it meets this criteria. Announcements for jobs/TA opportunities/human subject recruitment postings (and the like) do not qualify.


To apply for GRO funding, visiting our Group Funding page and follow the directions carefully.