Executive Board

The Executive Board of the GRO shall be responsible for implementing all policy decisions of the General Council and for maintaining relations with the University administration on behalf of the GRO. The current officers on the Executive Board for the year 2016-17 are:

Chair Linda Braun History gro@jhu.edu
Co-Chair -vacant-
Secretary gro_logo Kirill Tchernyshyov Physics kirill@jhu.edu
Treasurer gro_logo Sean Klein Biophysics treasurer.gro@gmail.com
Administrative & Funding gro_logo -vacant- funding.gro@gmail.com
Health Concerns Chair gro_logo Valentina Dallona Sociology vdallon1@jhu.edu
Professional & Development Chair gro_logo Dexnell Peters History dpeter47@jhu.edu
Social Chairs Christina_Garman Christina Garman Computer Science social.gro@jhu.edu
gro_logo Elmer Zapata-Mercado Biophysics ezapata5@jhu.edu
Communications Chair dsc00130 Ravi Jayakumar Mechanical communications.gro@gmail.com
Advocacy& Chairs gro_logo Damini Agarwa Biomedical Engineering advocacy.gro@gmail.com
vijay Vijay Sadashivaiah Biomedical Engineering
GRO Guide Chair gro_logo -vacant-
Diversity Chair gro_logo Bria Macklin Chem & Biomolecular Engineering
Intercampus Chair christos Christos Sapsanis Electrical & Computer Engineering csapsanis@jhu.edu
Financial Concerns Chair laksh_agarwal Laksh Agarwal Engineering Management lagarwa1@jhu.edu
Wellness Chair gro_logo Peilun Sun Geography and Environmental Engineering psun15@jhu.edu