Information for Parents

Greetings parents! The J-Card is an essential component of the college living and learning environment for your JHU student. All students receive a personalized J-Card which serves as their student identification card, and provides access to dining halls, libraries, campus facilities, and events.

J-Cash is a flexible spending account that is used to cover all of your student’s expenses — everything from textbooks, photocopies, and laundry to dining out, groceries, and pharmacy needs without needing a credit card or cash. Many off-campus merchants proudly accept J-Cash as well.

Refilling your student’s J-Card is easy, with several refill options available. To help you and your student prepare for the upcoming semester, we have provided an estimate of the typical semester’s expenses:

Sample Semester Budget

Item Minimum Amount Suggested Amount
Total $625 $1,225
Textbooks $400 $600
School Supplies $50 $125
Laundry $50 $75
Photocopying $20 $40
Vending $15 $35
Restaurants/delivery $50 $150
University apparel $20 $150
Entertainment $20 $50

If you have any questions, please contact the J-Card Office at 410-516-5121 or