Secure Your Space

JCard, via Blackboard Transact, is used to control doors all across campus and is the most flexible means of giving access to faculty, staff and students.

Benefits of using JCard:

  • Keyless entry. Eliminate the need to manage physical keys and maintain security in your area.
  • Automated controls. Doors can be set to unlock automatically during office hours, be locked and only accessible with a card, or a combination of both.
  • Population specific access. Set up different access for different groups, such as faculty, staff and students.
  • Department level control. Each department using JCard is given access to the JCard Admin portal and controls their own spaces.
  • Real-time updates. Access changes made in JCard Admin take effect immediately.
  • Reliability and support. Enterprise system administration at Mt. Washington keeps our system up and running. The JCard team at Garland handles day to day support and emergencies, such as closing for inclement weather.

Installing JCard in Your Space

JCard installations are usually quick and easy. Request a quote! We’ll review your requirements and give you pricing and an expected timeframe to get you up and running.

Repairs or Changes to JCard

Is your JCard reader not working properly? Have your office hours (and your door schedule) changed? Do you have a new staff member who needs to manage JCard access? Submit a request! The JCard team will coordinate to get the issue resolved promptly.

Please note, installation costs (labor, material and fees) and some repair costs (non-Blackboard hardware, services provided by JHFRE or contractors) are billable to your department. Quotes are free and no obligation, but we do require budget information before beginning work. Ongoing maintenance costs are billed as an annual allocation and are included with quotes.