Welcome! The Life Design Lab at Homewood (formerly the Homewood Career Center) supports and serves all Krieger and Whiting undergraduates and masters students, regardless of post-graduate plans. Life design educators are embedded within academic departments and centers across the Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, which allows students to more easily access life design programs and courses, experiential learning, and connections with alumni and employers.

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Every undergraduate department and major has an affiliated staff member to help students find inspiration, connect with alumni and reach their post-graduate goals. Find yours and their office hours now.

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Life Design Office Hours

Peer Advisor Office Hours Spring 2020

11:00am – 2:00pm daily, Student Services Space (Wyman, 2 West)

Life Design Educator Office Hours Spring 2020

Our Life Design Educators are nested within majors and departments across both Whiting and Krieger. Find their office hours in Handshake events.