About Us

What is the Life Design Lab?

The Life Design Lab (LDL) at Homewood is a student, employer and alumni facing office, dedicated to supporting our undergraduate and masters students within the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering. Serving in the space traditionally occupied by career services, the LDL comprised of over two dozen exceptional humans, supporting student journeys here at Hopkins through workshops, events, content and drop-in office hours.

Mission and Vision

Vision: All Johns Hopkins graduates pursue their life’s purpose regardless of their majors, backgrounds, or social capital.

Mission: Cultivate the mindsets and skills to pursue lifelong personal and professional development for Johns Hopkins students and alumni through education, access to opportunities, and experiences that leverage a powerful network of alumni, employers, faculty, parents, and the greater Baltimore community.

Our Life Design Educators

Our Life Design Educators (LDEs) are aligned with academic departments and offices to meet you, our current Blue Jays, where you self-identify as a valued part of the Hopkins Community. Through interactions with their LDEs, students:

  • develop critical skills to prepare for integrative learning opportunities (internships & jobs, clinical and research experiences, professional school, academia)
  • gain specific knowledge for artifacts that support future pathways in academia, industry and professional schools (resumes, CVs, cover letters, portfolios, personal statements, interview prep)
  • encounter alumni with lived personal and professional experiences to intentionally build out networks (info sessions, panels, mentorship)
  • examine and explore values, views and identities to build a personal brand and narrative connecting lived experiences with future aspirations.

Our staff also works with employers and alumni to develop programming and execute events throughout the year, bringing targeted hiring partners and former Blue Jays to campus for information sessions, panels, on-campus recruiting, and to create tailored workshops that help students pursue fulfilling future lives.

Meet Our Staff

The Life Design Approach

Think of life design as your testing ground. The Life Design Approach helps you explore, experiment and develop experiences over your time at Johns Hopkins to identify and pursue your ideal post-graduate opportunities. You’ll brainstorm ideas, meet mentors, intern, research, volunteer, join clubs, and find out what excites you that builds on skills and passions you already know about. You’ll get curious, talk to people, try stuff, try more stuff (solve your way forward), to find your own True North (where your values, views, passions and pursuits are in alignment).

But most importantly, the Life Design Approach gives you the mindset, framework and tools to unleash the life-long learner within. Your life design began before you arrived on campus, but the Life Design Approach you encounter on campus will assure you intentionally design your life on-campus and beyond.