In accordance with the guidelines from Johns Hopkins University, the Life Design Lab has moved to a 100% virtual setting for our students, employers and you, our alumni. As a virtual entity, Hopkins students have made it known that they are interested in virtual opportunities to tap into the expertise and experience within the alumni community. We are committed to providing both students and alumni ample opportunity to connect.

Primarily, we’d love to have you join our mentoring network: OneHop, Students are always looking for alumni who can answer questions and provide guidance, and PeopleGrove is perfect for long-term mentorship opportunities and ad-hoc discussions.

We are gathering names from alumni who are interested in presenting on topics of expertise, either individually or as part of a panel, to audiences of Hopkins students and alumni. Some of the topics in the works so far are, “Working/Studying From Home and Staying Productive” and “Tips and Tools for Staying Connected at a Distance”.

Finally, we’re creating content for social media and this website and are looking for Hopkins alumni who may have created short videos, how-to instructional, infographics, top ten lists, and content of that nature. We’d love to tap into your wisdom as we create content for our students.

Let us know how you’d like to get involved.
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Launching OneHop for alumni, Hopkins has created an intimate environment for you to engage with students looking for guidance and mentorships that align with your experiences and professional outcomes. Log in to start developing meaningful relationships and pass along valuable insight and advice to Hopkins undergraduates and graduate students.

Hopkins Connect

The aim of Hopkins Connect is simple and clear. Every student will graduate with at least one meaningful mentoring relationship. Through Hopkins Connect, students engage with mentors via networking programs, flash mentoring, and online opportunities. As a part of our alumni community, you can get started with OneHop.

The Life Design Lab at Homewood serves young alumni (those who have graduated within the last 5 years) of the Whiting and Krieger schools, but many of our student-facing resources are recommended for all JHU alumni. Some additional tools for all JHU alumni are included here. Alumni are also a great resource for current students and for the full JHU network. Get started by filling out the form below, which will connect you with the correct staff for your needs. If you still have questions, please contact us at

Eligible alumni already have access to the Handshake career management system. Alumni who no longer have Single Sign On/JHED access, or have forgotten their login and need to update their Handshake log-in information should contact Please provide as much of the following as you can: (1) name and address at time of enrollment in JHU, (2) JHED or Student ID number, (3) degree and graduation date.

Alumni who are outside the five-year window can also visit the JHU career planning site.

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