Building Your Nest at JHU

birds on a blue background for building your nests: spring 2019 announcement.

This spring, the Life Design Lab will begin transitioning into a new “nested” structure within departments and student-serving offices across campus. This transition kicks off in February with 90-day listening tours for every single department to uncover each one’s specific needs. Our six industry-focused Career Academies will continue to help students pursue passions and companies that aren’t directly related to their major. This move will build on the changes and growth we’ve gone through over the last five years. There will be more growth, change, and student opportunities as the year proceeds!

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How we Work with Students

Every student’s first resource will continue to be In person, students will be better able to reach career center staff for career support, workshops, employer sessions, alumni connections and more, as they will work with and be located in their department or program. Career fairs, including boutique fairs like the STEM Career Fair, Nonprofit Fair, and Internship Fair, will continue indefinitely.

By Fall 2019, our staff will work with and for academic departments and offices 100 percent of the time. Whiting, Krieger, and other student-facing offices will each receive focused career staff to help students connect the value of their education to the inspiration they find on and around campus. The exact names of staff assigned to each department will be released in summer 2019.

Have specific questions, or have already worked with a certain coach? Send the career center an email, or check the list of upcoming events below for feedback opportunities. This list will be continually updated, so don’t worry if you don’t see something for you immediately.

Navigating Experiences for Student Transformation: NEST

We made this decision using data from the recent senior survey and student feedback from fall 2018 Design Dinners. We found that students currently build community within their academic departments. The first step of this transition is partnering with the deans, DUS, and faculty to run 90-day listening tours in each department and program to build stronger connections and a plan for fall 2019 nesting implementation.

Beginning to NEST

female coach with table full of papers, working with student who is leaning over table quizzically.Ninety-Day Listening Tours

In January 2019 staff will begin 90-day listening tours within their assigned departments.

  • Staff will engage faculty, students, alumni, and related employers to better understand the needs of each department and its constituents.
  • They will hold town halls; host faculty, staff and student lunches; and attend student group meetings.
  • Staff will also receive extensive cross-training in employer and alumni engagement and relationship management, student support and coaching, project management and more.
DateEventDepartment or CollegeContact if open to public
May 2, 2019Student focus groupHumanities
May 2, 2019Student focus groupApplied Math and
April 25, 2019Student focus
April 24, 2019Student focus groupComputer
April 15, 2019Department and facultyPsychology
March 29, 2019Department and FacultyClassics
March 27, 2019Department and FacultyHistory of Science and Technology
March 13, 2019Department and faculty meetingEast Asian Studies
MarchDepartment and faculty meetingPhysics and Astronomy
MarchDepartment and faculty meetingInternational Studies
MarchDepartment and faculty meetingPublic Health Studies
MarchDepartment and faculty meetingGECS
March 11, 2019Department meetingPolitical Science
March 12, 2019Faculty and key department staffEarth and Planetary Science
March 11, 2019Faculty and key department staffBiomedical Engineering
Feb. 27, 2019WSE DUS MeetingWhiting College of EngineeringDUS only. More opportunities to come.
Feb. 14, 2019KSAS DUS MeetingKrieger School of Arts and SciencesDUS only. More opportunities to come.

Evaluation and Sharing

  • With the information gathered during the tour, each staff member will develop a student centered career engagement plan that matches the departments’ needs
  • The Life Design Lab will share results and recommendations for fall for each area.
  • Final departmental assignments of staff will be made.

Planning and NESTing

Over summer, our office will begin the planning process for fall, including the timing of academy events, building out department plans for fall, engagement strategies and more.

Questions? Feedback?

If you have questions, comments or concerns about this process, please email us! We will be responding to questions and updating this site regularly with information throughout the process.