Carlos Medina

Assistant Director of Life Design: Center for Student Success

Carlos is a native Nuyorican, FLI graduate, and Immunologist by training. During undergrad at Tufts University, he discovered a love for science and redirected his pre-med path towards a career in biomedical research. During graduate school at Stanford School of Medicine, he discovered a new passion advocating for and empowering underrepresented scholars in academia. He hopes to use his undergraduate and graduate experience to support students as they redesign their own life paths here at Hopkins. Outside of the ‘lab’, Carlos loves cooking, traveling, musical theater, and indoor rock climbing. If he could tell his college-self one thing, he would say to reach out to alumni mentors early, interview them, and shadow them to experience what a ‘day in the life’ really looks like in their roles.

Connect with Caralos on Twitter: @CarlosMedinaLDL