Clifton E. Shambry Jr.

Assistant Director of Life Design: Diversity & Inclusion

Clifton is a FLI college graduate raised on the east coast. He attended 13 different schools in 5 states and the District of Columbia, spending most of his years in New Jersey. Clifton enjoys playing card and board games (especially spades), singing at church and finding spots in Baltimore to sit and relax.

Clifton looks forward to helping students think about their identities and how they shape their life’s journey in his role as a life design educator. After 5 years of helping student organization leaders here at Hopkins, he felt this role complimented his interest in giving back to some of his previous experience building affinity space for men of color, while mentoring and advising students of varying identity groups. Clifton loves to discuss how all of your identities have an impact on your life’s experience. If Clifton could tell his college-self anything, he’d say be bold, be curious and be you to the fullest.

Connect with Clifton on Twitter: @ceshambryjr