Hope Burke

Assistant Director of Life Design: Student Leadership and Involvement

Hope is a passionate relationship builder, Chick-fil-A enthusiast, and former student-athlete turned field hockey coach who now calls Baltimore home. She is excited to work in the Life Design Lab because she wants to support students in having, finding, and thinking through “aha” moments, which occur through immersive experiences and mentoring. With a career background in education and community nonprofits, Hope prioritizes creating and facilitating a warm environment to prepare to tell your story to potential employers and layer your various identities into a cohesive way of life. She helps students become more involved outside of academics and determine how to convey the strengths and experiences they have had as a student leader. If Hope could tell her college-self anything, it would be to pursue anything that makes your heart sing, and find a way to keep those in the forefront of your student experience. 

Connect with Hope on Twitter: @HopeMBurke