Patrick Brugh

Director of Operations

Patrick is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, a father of two boys, an avid swimmer, and the author of the recent book, Gunpowder, Masculinity, and Warfare in German Texts (Rochester, 2019). He holds a PhD in German and Gender Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, and has taught and lectured at universities and high schools across America and in Germany. As a former four-year NCAA athlete for the University of Pennsylvania, Patrick has a keen sense of the needs of students-athletes who are balancing rigorous academic and athletic demands. He has both a strong enthusiasm for active teaching and learning and for building communities and partnerships on and off campus between students, staff, faculty, and alumni. If Patrick could tell his college-self anything, he would encourage him to take full advantage of the broad variety of lectures, programs, zany courses, and events that can be found at college, and to foster relationships with his peers and professors intentionally. 

Connect with Patrick on Twitter: @brugh_patrick